Lesson Transcript

Sí. Mi papá, mi mamá, y yo.
In the next minute, you’ll be challenged to talk about your family.
First, let’s look at some examples.
Ben Lee: Mi papá, mi mamá, mi hermana y yo.
Sasha Lee: Mi papá, mi mamá, mi hermano y yo.
Mark Lee: Mi esposa, mi hijo, mi hija y yo.
Rita Ríos Acosta: Mi esposo, mi hijo y yo.
Let's practice!
Le muestras una foto a Víctor. Responde la pregunta presentando a tu familia.
¿Es tu familia?
How did you do?
You can consider this practice exercise successful if you were able to answer in the given time, completed a pattern with your family members, and used the sentence pattern featured in this example.
Karen Lee: Mi esposo, mi hijo, mi hija y yo.
Try this practice exercise again if you want to improve your fluency or skill in any of these areas.