Lesson Transcript

Hola. Soy Víctor Trejo. Mucho gusto.
Soy de Veracruz.
In the next minute, you’ll be challenged to introduce yourself, including where you’re from.
First, let’s look at some examples.
Ángel: Mucho gusto, soy Ángel.
Mark: Mucho gusto, soy Mark.
Karen: Mucho gusto, soy Karen.
Let's practice!
Te encuentras a Víctor Trejo por primera vez. Preséntate y responde su pregunta.
Hola. Soy Víctor Trejo. Mucho gusto.
Now, share where you're from. Here are some examples.
Mark: Soy de Nueva York.
Ángel: Soy de Guadalajara.
Jack: Soy de Londres.
Are you ready?
¿De dónde es usted?
How did you do?
You can consider this practice exercise successful if you were able to answer in the given time, completed a pattern with your name and hometown, and used the sentence pattern featured in this example.
Ángel: Mucho gusto, soy Ángel. Soy de Guadalajara.
Try this practice exercise again if you want to improve your fluency or skill in any of these areas.