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SpanishPod101.com Verified
Saturday at 05:01 PM
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ยกHola Tito!

Yes, Jessi also helped us with SpanishPod101 and JapanesePod101! Amazing right?

Here at SpanishPod101 we have many different Spanish covered: Iberian, Mexican, Peruvian, Costa Rican, Argentinian...

This series, for example, we have for both Iberian and Mexican Spanish. You can check the description of the series to know more about which kind if Spanish is taught.



Team SpanishPod101.com

Thursday at 12:57 AM
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Jessi? As in the same Jessi that also works with the Japanesepod101 program? If so, how awesome is that?! I really enjoy the lessons you teach there. I teach Spanish and am learning Japanese myself. How I'd love an opportunity to chat and learn from your experiences in acquiring both these languages. :sunglasses:

Regarding this "Iberian Spanish" program, does that mean this is the only spanishpod available or is there a separate one for Latin American Spanish? I think I see in future lessons here that "Mexican" Spanish is covered.


Monday at 10:25 AM
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Hi W!

Thanks for the comment - this video series uses Iberian Spanish - that is, Spanish as it is spoken in Spain. There, they use the word "zumo" in place of "jugo", and "ordenador" instead of "computadora". These words are not used in Latin American Spanish.

If you go to Season 3 of this video series (click on #26 in the list above), you will see the videos that contain Latin American (Mexican) Spanish :)

Saturday at 12:14 AM
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Two quick things, I have lived in Chile for 5 months now and nobody every says:

1) zumo de naranja, it is always jugo de naranja.

2) el ordenador, it is always la computadora.

I asked my doorman who is a native Peruvian and who speaks some English, if they would say zumo de naranja o jugo de naranja and he looked at me funny when I said zumo de naranja.

Since this is the absolute beginner series I would expect la computadora to be used instead of el ordenador.