Lesson Transcript

¡Sean bienvenidos!
Transmitiendo desde Spanishpod101.com
¡Qué chiva que está!
¡Hola chicos!
¿Qué tal todo el mundo?
¿Qué onda todos?
Dylan: We’re doing something a little more, shall we say, practical here?
Me parece muy útil.
¡Pero será posible!
Más útil no puede ser.
a thousand times.
¡Qué dicha!
Carlos: Intro, Lesson 3 – “Feel the glow of the in-crowd with the Premium Membership” What’s going on, world? My name is Carlos.
Natalia: Natalia here.
Carlos: Naty, you made it to the third lesson of our introduction lessons already. Can you believe it?
Natalia: It goes so quickly.
Carlos: Today we have a very special lesson.
Natalia: Carlos, all of our lessons are special.
Carlos: But this lesson is more special than usual.
Natalia: And why is that?

Lesson focus

Carlos: Because today we’re talking about Spanishpod101.com’s offer with premium subscription.
Natalia: Premium?
Carlos: That’s right, Naty. Top it to line.
Natalia: This membership is for those of you who want only the best and nothing else.
Carlos: Who does that remind me of?
Natalia: Don’t even say it, Carlos. Don’t even say it.
Carlos: All I said was who is it reminding me of. Don’t be so egotistical.
Natalia: Egotistical? Please. Me?
Carlos: That goes a waffle, Naty. Okay. Let me play Devil’s advocate again.
Natalia: Do you ever stop?
Carlos: Can’t say that I do. But why should I want access to this VIP section?
Natalia: Well, Carlos, the shiny light of our premium membership is Spanishpod101 Learning Center.
Carlos: The Learning Center?
Natalia: Yes, did I stutter?
Carlos: Wow. Someone’s in a mood today.
Natalia: Every day, Carlos. I’m always in a good mood.
Carlos: Well, then, Naty, in a calm voice, could you explain what the Learning Center is exactly?
Natalia: I can. Well, the Learning Center is the place to step up in your involvement in learning Spanish.
Carlos: Man, you build in suspense.
Natalia: Yes. The Learning Center is an extensive collection of tools divided in two sections.
Carlos: Which are?
Natalia: Lesson specific and reinforcement materials.
Carlos: Cool. So, with this premium subscription, I can go to Learning Center with a question about a specific lesson or just in general.
Natalia: Didn’t I just say that?
Carlos: Well, it helps to hear things twice. Repetition is the key to learning. But what else do we specifically have in each section?
Natalia: The Lesson Specific feature allows students to make the most of podcast by reviewing, drilling and quizzing themselves over the lesson material.
Carlos: Right. It’s not like you can learn Spanish by osmoses. Although, if I could just listen to my Mp3 player while I sleep, man, that would be pretty cool if I could learn like that.
Natalia: Yes, do you believe that works, Carlos? That’s so lazy.
Carlos: But, then let’s say that I get inspired and motivated and want to go beyond lesson.
Natalia: Then you can go to the Reference Material section. We have all the information you would ever need to support your learning.
Carlos: Which is why it’s called the Learning Center.
Natalia: Carlos, that’s so corny.
Carlos: And yet, she has a huge smile on her face right now.
Natalia: Because your face is funny looking. But there is more to the Learning Center.
Carlos: ¿En serio?
Natalia: ¿Al chile?
Carlos: For translation, see Costa Rican Spanish Series…
Natalia: Carlos. Not again.
Carlos: What? Shameless plug. Okay. What does it have to offer?
Natalia: Well, first, in Lesson Specific Materials we have an all lesson vocabulary list.
Carlos: Wait. Vocabulary from every lesson?
Natalia: No, they call it an all lesson vocabulary list because it only covers one.
Carlos: I knew that.
Natalia: Then why do you ask? All the lesson vocabulary list provides a comprehensive, dynamic and fully searchable list of all the vocabulary words covered in every lesson.
Carlos: That’s a lot of vocab. I mean, how could I find specific words?
Natalia: Very easy. Just fill to your search by keyword, lesson type and lesson number.
Carlos: That sounds simple enough.
Natalia: Not everything in life is complicated.
Carlos: I hate learning vocab.
Natalia: Well, flashcards always help.
Carlos: It would be cool if I could make flashcards in Learning Center.
Natalia: You can.
Carlos: I knew that. I was just testing if you did.
Natalia: Oh, sure, sure, sure, sure.
Carlos: But, for argument say that I didn’t know, how would I go by doing that?
Natalia: Okay. Well, anywhere from all the lesson vocabulary list can be added to your personalized Word Bank with the click of a button.
Carlos: Hey, adding due with the simple click of a button is cool with me.
Natalia: That’s why you’re going to love grammar.
Carlos: Why is that?
Natalia: Well, for Lesson Specific Materials there is a grammar list.
Carlos: Which I assume covers the grammar points covered in the lesson in question.
Natalia: I’m going to throw a cookie at him. Dumb points, Carlos.
Carlos: I should take a bite out of it, first.
Natalia: Sure, sure, sure.
Carlos: Thank you, thank you.
Natalia: For the cookie?
Carlos: Yes, thank you for the cookie.
Natalia: Well, the thing is, each grammar point can be clicked for a detailed expansion.
Carlos: How detailed?
Natalia: Well, including formation, example sentence as notes, related expressions and related lessons.
Carlos: Quite detailed.
Natalia: Well, we try to be a thorough here at SPanishpod101.com.
Carlos: Well, you succeed.
Natalia: But I haven’t even told you about the vocabulary in flashcards.
Carlos: Be my guest. Do tell.
Natalia: Yes, sir. Well, not only you can make your own flashcards, but the lesson specific vocabulary flashcards drill the vocabulary that are in that lesson’s vocabulary list.
Carlos: Nice. How do I start?
Natalia: Well, when you want to start, like the type of flashcard that you prefer from the provided options. Then, choose begin.
Carlos: Ok, wait. But, you know, flashcards you flit. How do I flip it?
Natalia: Well, to show the missing information on the flashcards, click in the show answer button at the bottom.
Carlos: Cool. But what happens if, you know, I might happen to already know the answer?
Natalia: Well, in those rare cases, for you, Carlos, if you already know the answer, click “Yes” button. Otherwise, click “No”.
Carlos: Wait. Do I have to keep score like a panned pen?
Natalia: No, the sites do that for you.
Carlos: Man, this premium membership sounds better and better.
Natalia: Well, it is. But the quiz the site provides makes it even better.
Carlos: Quizzes?
Natalia: Yes, Spanishpod101.com content grammar and vocabulary questions, reinforce what you’ve learned in the lesson. After studying the lesson materials you want to quiz yourself over the information.
Carlos: I would think so.
Natalia: After you finish the quiz, you will be given an overview of your quiz results outlining which answers were correct or incorrect, and this applying the correct answers.
Carlos: Right. So, then, I would know what I need to work on.
Natalia: Exactly.
Carlos: So, what if I wanted to know about, like grammar in general, like sublanguage grammar?
Natalia: Well, Carlitos, that move is on the reference materials.
Carlos: With what?
Natalia: The Grammar Bank.
Carlos: Like a bank of grammar.
Natalia: Clever, dear. That’s very clever.
Carlos: I try, my dear.
Natalia: Well, Carlos, let’s be serious for a moment. Spanishpod101.com has an extensive grammar bank that offers a collection of grammar points covered in each lesson.
Carlos: That sounds big.
Natalia: It is big. But is searchable by level, category or alphabetically.
Carlos: Nice. And what can I find there?
Natalia: Well, each grammar point comes back with formation, example sentences, notes, related expressions and related lessons.
Carlos: So, it’s similar to the grammar point offered in the lesson specific sections.
Natalia: It is, but this is more general.
Carlos: Oh, cool. It sounds like it be a big help.
Natalia: Especially with the verb conjugation section.
Carlos: Verb conjugation section? Naty, you’re holding out on me.
Natalia: I’m not holding out, I’m just choosing what to reveal.
Carlos: So then, reveal.
Natalia: I shall reveal. The verb conjugation series lets you choose a verb class to explain its conjugation chart with audio.
Carlos: Isn’t that you reading the words?
Natalia: That’s why I choose to talk about it, now. Save the best for last.
Carlos: I should’ve figured. That’s a pretty good explanation, though, Naty.
Natalia: Carlos?
Carlos: Yes?
Natalia: What else do you get with premium membership?
Carlos: We get extra audio.
Natalia: Really?
Carlos: Oh, yes. We get a review track and there real time translation.
Natalia: The review track?
Carlos: Completely. All you got to the review track. We have English, we have Spanish, put it together in a nice mish mash of learning sandwich.
Natalia: Hey, how about the quizzes and all the paradigms?
Carlos: Paradigms.
Natalia: Paradigms. Well, what’s up with those?
Carlos: Well, those are in the verb conjugation series. So, VIP membership, you have extra audio, in the former of view track, a quiz and paradigms.
Natalia: And then, how about those audio transcripts?
Carlos: Well, the audio transcripts are all right there. And also in the learning center, we have vocab list with audio, too. And the audio transcripts are the line by line.
Natalia: Well, that’s good to know.
Carlos: It is great to know. I mean, you that on the PDF you read along, you follow. Boom, boom. Bang, bang.
Natalia: What’s with the… Carlos, what are you? A drum?
Carlos: I wish.
Natalia: Oh my God!
Carlos: Look, honestly, with premium membership you just get everything that Spanishpod101.com has to offer. And like I said before, if God has anything better to learn Spanish with, he kept it for himself.
Natalia: Don’t get all religious.
Carlos: I’m sorry. I was in a church like twice this week, and I was like that’s almost of whole time.
Natalia: Oh really? He’s come inspired, people.
Carlos: I was.
Natalia: Look at all the new features we have. We figured it up in new premium membership.
Carlos: Seriously, and you don’t believe us, which you should, check it out seven days on us, for free. ¡Gratis! It’s going to be amazing, and get little tasted things, you can talk to us, and we’ll answer, won’t we, Naty?
Natalia: Yes, sir. I’m online all the time.
Carlos: All right. I think you got me sold in the premium subscription. Sign up for a premium subscription. Get all the researches you could possibly need to learn Spanish.


Natalia: That’s right. That’s about wraps it all up.
Carlos: Peace, love and Spanish.
Natalia: Carlos.
Carlos: What? Goodbye.
Natalia: That’s a terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible sign. ¡Chao!