Lesson Transcript

¡Sean bienvenidos!
Transmitiendo desde SpanishPod101.com
¡Qué chiva que está!
¡Hola chicos!
¿Qué tal todo el mundo?
¿Qué onda todos?
Dylan: We’re doing something a little more, shall we say, practical here?
Me parece muy útil.
¡Pero será posible!
Más útil no puede ser.
A thousand times.
¡Qué dicha!
Natalia: Intro, Lesson 2 – “Los Básicos of the basics” ¡Hola a todos! This is Natalia speaking. With me, Carlos.
Carlos: What up, Pod101 world? Here we go, Naty. Number 2 of SpanishPod101.com’s introduction lessons.
Natalia: That’s right. We have to make this one look good.
Carlos: You know, Naty, I am feeling you.
Natalia: You will do no such thing.
Carlos: Is an expression that means “I understand you.”
Natalia: Carlos, I’m not from New York, remember?
Carlos: Trust me, Naty. I know, I know.
Natalia: Oh, well, but these lessons are important.
Carlos: You know, audience, she really, really wants that number one spot on iTunes. Very ambitious for a Costa Rican.
Natalia: Carlos, just because we’re famous for a lead back attitude in my country, it doesn’t mean we can’t be ambitious.
Carlos: True, Naty. You are part of the new breed.
Natalia: And don’t you forget that.
Carlos: You never let me.

Lesson focus

Carlos: So, Naty, what are we introducing today?
Natalia: Well, in our last lesson we discussed what SpanishPod101 offers for free.
Carlos: Free?
Natalia: Yes, Carlos. You were there, remember?
Carlos: Man, I’m just saying. So then, what are we going to tell our audience about today?

Lesson focus

Natalia: Well, the next step up: the basic subscription.
Carlos: Wait, wait. Say that again.
Natalia: What? Basic subscription.
Carlos: Naty, I’m so proud of you. You said basic correctly.
Natalia: I can’t believe you’re bringing this up here. For those of you who don’t know, I had a very big mess saying “basic, basic”. It doesn’t messes me up.
Carlos: All right. So, let’s just say I take it up a notch and get a basic subscription. What do I get?
Natalia: Okay. Well, in addition to all of the features that are free use of access, our basic subscribers also have access to the PDFs that accompany each of our lessons.
Carlos: All right. So, why would that be important?
Natalia: Carlos, you know why.
Carlos: Yes, but our audience might not. So, enlighten us, Naty. What exactly is our PDFs?
Natalia: I like the respect. But well, most importantly, the PDFs contain the lesson vocabulary.
Carlos: Right. And it is one thing to hear a word in another language, but it’s something else altogether when you see it written.
Natalia: That’s right. With the vocabulary list, you can use it as a springboard to understand why not only the conversation of the current lesson, but also to keep your ear out whenever you hear Spanish spoken.
Carlos: That’s a good point, Naty.
Natalia: I know.
Carlos: Okay. So, vocabulary is important in it all. But why should I pay to look at words I could probably find in a textbook?
Natalia: Because then you also get the grammar points of this specific lesson.
Carlos: Grammar?
Natalia: Learning grammar is important, Carlos. It doesn’t have to be like pulling your teeth out.
Carlos: Speaking of which, have you been to the dentist yet? Audience, I have seen her personally cancel two appointments.
Natalia: Why are we talking about my personal deals? And I went to the dentist, Carlos, but we’re talking about grammar. Don’t change the subject.
Carlos: I know, I know. Each of our lessons has a specific grammar point.
Natalia: Which is discussed more in depth in the PDF.
Carlos: Nice rhyme, Naty.
Natalia: I know. I’m so poetic.
Carlos: No, she’s not.
Natalia: Carlos, I am poetic.
Carlos: Okay.
Natalia: Roses are red, violets are blue.
Carlos: Finish it.
Natalia: No, etcetera, etcetera.
Carlos: You know… Naty, you almost had me sold on the PDFs.
Natalia: But wait, I can try. There’s more.
Carlos: There you go again.
Natalia: I love infomercials. Well, I don’t love them, I guess I just keep my TV on late at night.
Carlos: Okay. So, what else are on these now famous PDFs?
Natalia: Well, Carlos, you know each of our lessons revolves around the conversation.
Carlos: Yes, I’m aware of that.
Natalia: Well, what’s better than just hearing it?
Carlos: Reading it.
Natalia: Yes, and the PDFs have the lesson transcripts.
Carlos: Nice. You know, sometimes, pronunciation is confusing to hear. It does make a lot more sense to see.
Natalia: Definitely.
Carlos: Kind of like, “basically” and “basically”.
Natalia: Why are you, like, you’re pushing the buttons, Carlos.
Carlos: I know, I know. I didn’t even realize that sarcasm was taking so seriously.
Natalia: Poor me. Next time you say something wrong in Spanish, I’m going to enjoy it. Believe me, I’ll get you back, I’ll get you back. Keep going, Carlos.
Carlos: Naty, you enjoy it anyway when I say something wrong.
Natalia: Well, Carlos, you should have studded up on culture a little more before moving down here.
Carlos: Naty?
Natalia: What?
Carlos: Perfect segway to the last offerings of the PDF.
Natalia: What do you mean? The cultural insights?
Carlos: Exactly.
Natalia: Well, each lesson has a corresponding section for cultural insight, which would provide the student with…
Carlos: What? A little more insight?
Natalia: Well, yes, Carlos. But, well, let me finish. You know, the cultural insight just tells the people more about each country.
Carlos: Naty, you know what? I think you had me sold in the basic subscription.
Natalia: Okay.
Carlos: Now I’m curious about the premium subscription.
Natalia: Patience, Carlos. This is coming up in the next lesson.


Carlos: You heard the lady, audience. Until then, peace, love and Spanish.
Natalia: What was that? Now I can’t even express how stupid that sounds.
Carlos: I think you just did a pretty good job.
Natalia: Oh, ok. ¡Chao a todos!


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Sunday at 6:30 pm
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Thanks to Kevin Macleod for the music in today's lesson. Hey guys..hope you are excited to start learning Spanish! How did you find out about Spanishpod101.com? Did it come up in a google search; did you find it in the itunes podcast section; or did a friend tell you about it? Help us get the word out about this great new language learning resource!

Sunday at 2:01 am
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Hola Gloria,

Thank you for you comment, we are really happy to hear you enjoying the lessons and that we have being part of your spanish journey.

Buen trabajo!



Team SpanishPod101.com

Tuesday at 1:32 pm
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I live in San Felipe, Mexico. Although I could read Spanish well, I could not understand what people around me were saying. I would like to say that SpanishPod101 has helped me immensely with comprehending the Spanish language. I am so glad I signed up for the course. The fact is that I have been enjoying listening to the Spanish lessons so much that I signed up for GermanPod101 and am thinking about joining FrenchPod101 sometime in the future. Keep up the good work, all of you.

Wednesday at 12:00 pm
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Hi lee j won,

Thank you for posting!

We just checked and the audio is complete! :grin:

It ends when Natalia says: chao a todos! - goodbye everyone.

Please, try again, and let us know if you are still having trouble with this audio (if you could indicate at what minute does it stop, it would be helpful).



Team SpanishPod101.com

lee j won
Tuesday at 9:25 am
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ok this doesn't make sence the audio was going great until it suddenly stoped when carlos was saying he was so proud of natalia prounouncing basic rightly.:unamused:

Wednesday at 4:07 pm
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Hi Darryl,

Thank you for posting.

We are sorry you don't like this style of lesson. They are different from the usual ones, more discursive!

As suggested by Jessi, please try other series!

If you have any question or need help, please let us know! :smile:

We will be glad to help you!


Team SpanishPod101.com

Tuesday at 2:14 am
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I have to agree with the previous comment from John. I just spent almost 5 minutes listening to cute talk to get 20 seconds of information. My time is valuable; I don't like to waste it.

Friday at 6:10 pm
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Hi John!

This is only one set of hosts, I would recommend listening around to different series and see if you like other styles better. Each pair of hosts has their own style :) Try Absolute Beginner Season 1, or Newbie Season 1 and see how you like them.


Team SpanishPod101.com

Tuesday at 9:54 pm
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"wat up world?" yo wat up gangsta. straight up tight yo.

annoying hosts. no thanks. if i wanted to learn spanish listening to annoying street slang hosts than i'd just drive to the ghetto or corner city street. so glad i just signed up for trial.

Saturday at 3:33 am
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Basic is the next step up...but listen, there is nothing basic about the basic subscription. You will be amazed at just how much more you can get when you click that button.