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¡Sean bienvenidos!
Transmitiendo desde Spanishpod101.com
¡Qué chiva que está!
¡Hola chicos!
¿Qué tal todo el mundo?
¿Qué onda todos?
Dylan: We’re doing something a little more, shall we say, practical here?
Me parece muy útil.
¡Pero será posible!
Más útil no puede ser.
a thousand times.
¡Qué dicha!
Carlos: Intro, Lesson 1 – “Can something this good actually be free?” Hey, what’s going on, Pod101 world? My name is Carlos, and joining me is my partner in crime, Natalia.
Natalia: ¡Hola todos! Hi, everyone. This is Nat speaking. How have you been, Carlos?
Carlos: Naty, I really can’t complain. You know what? Especially since we’ve been giving the honor to introduce Spanishpod101.com to our ever-growing audience.
Natalia: Well, you can see how Carlos is proud, no?
Carlos: Of course I’m proud. Naty, aren’t you?
Natalia: Oh yes, I’m proud. But, you know, I don’t go telling people.
Carlos: Well, then I’m not giving you a T-shirt. Anyway, here at Spanishpod101.com, we approach language learning in a way that sets us apart from the others.
Natalia: Well, of course, it has us in it.
Carlos: Okay. Apart from the obviously overwhelming pride of Miss Arija. Spanishpod101.com lets you take your education wherever you can listen to audio.
Natalia: At your own speed, your own pace. It’s like customized education.
Carlos: You got to love it. But, Naty, do you know why else we’re here?
Natalia: Why?
Carlos: To explain exactly what we offer.
Natalia: Oh, well, in that case, we offer the Costa Rican Series, starring me, with a little help from Carlos.
Carlos: Okay. While she may be a little right, I think we should go a little more basic in that, Naty.
Natalia: Like all the way from scratch? Like what, subscriptions and all that?
Carlos: I think it’s an appropriate place to start. Since you brought it up, I mean, why don’t you explain that to our audience? What exactly is offered with our subscription?
Natalia: Ok, con mucho gusto, Carlitos. Spanishpod101 offers three levels of subscriptions.
Carlos: Which are?
Natalia: Carlos, I’m getting to that. I’m getting there.
Carlos: Okay, okay, my fault.
Natalia: Anyways, before I was interrupted, we offer three levels of subscription. Free, basic and premium.
Carlos: Well, if there’s a free section, why should I pay?
Natalia: That’s why we’re here. By the end of this introductions, everyone will understand why getting a premium subscription is the only way to go if you’re serious about your Spanish studies.
Carlos: True. Like everything else, you get what you pay for.
Natalia: Most of the time.
Carlos: Well, let’s go through and discuss each level and what someone gets with each.
Natalia: Sounds like a plan.
Carlos: Okay. Let’s start with the freebies we offer.
Natalia: For free, we have our audio. All of our podcasts are free to download and listen.
Carlos: Can I download these on my iPod?
Natalia: Yes, claro que sí, Carlos. That’s why it’s so great. Anywhere you listen to audio, you can listen to our podcast. And get your Spanish fixed for the day.
Carlos: Nice. Well, that’s hot. Yes, but what if I don’t have an MP3 player? I mean, let’s say I just want to listen to the podcast.
Natalia: Well, simple, you can listen to the audio straight from the Spanishpod101.com website.
Carlos: So, if I’m at work and I got the sudden urge to expand my knowledge in Spanish, I could just stream the podcast off the website?
Natalia: Exactly.
Carlos: But, wait. There are other podcasts out there that offer the same thing. I mean, really, what makes ours different?
Natalia: Carlos, why are you playing the Devil’s advocate?
Carlos: Well, other than my natural demeanor. I’m just trying to place myself in the shoes of a prospective student and customer.
Natalia: Okay. Well, in that case, with Spanishpod101 we also offer membership and an online community.
Carlos: What do you mean?
Natalia: Well, we have a section in each lesson for comments.
Carlos: So, if I had a question about the lesson, I could ask someone at SpanishPod101.com?
Natalia: Yes, exactly. Like, the host can answer you, there’s a lot of people just going on and can answer your questions.
Carlos: Man, that’s almost like having a private tutor.
Natalia: Something like that. But, you could also talk with other students. I mean, what else is learning another language about but communication?
Carlos: Naty, when you’re right, you’re right.
Natalia: I know that, Carlos. I’m glad you got the hold of it, though.
Carlos: What about the forum?
Natalia: The forum, well “mae”, the forum is so cool.
Carlos: Okay. To find out what the word “mae” means, check out Spanishpod101.com, Regional Series, Costa Rican, Lesson 1.
Natalia: And that, ladies and gentlemen, was Carlos making a shameless plug.
Carlos: Come on, Naty, when opportunity knocks.
Natalia: But you were talking about the forum.
Carlos: Right. Now, actually, the forum is a pretty cool spot.
Natalia: Why?
Carlos: There’s a bunch of different threads of discussion. For example, from traveling in Latin America to recipes.
Natalia: That part is all free, too?
Carlos: Well, if you are a free user who has not signed up for free trial or a paid subscription, you will need to manually create a forum account. But then, you can make posts, participate in discussions and get all the information you would want.
Natalia: Well, as a matter of fact, I put up a really good recipe for a “gallo pinto”, it's delicious.
Carlos: Not you, I did that.
Natalia: But it was my idea, so shhht.
Carlos: Anyway, you know what, Naty? It seems like you get a lot for free from Spanishpod101.com.
Natalia: But, wait. There’s more.
Carlos: Man, you love something like an infomercial.
Natalia: And if you call now…
Carlos: Come on, Naty. What else can we get?
Natalia: The Download Center.
Carlos: Right. The backbone on the site. Now, Naty, what exactly is the Download Center?
Natalia: The Download Center is the place to start if you’re new to SpanishPod101.com
Carlos: Why?
Natalia: Because, Carlos, this way the students can start from the beginning with our previous lessons.
Carlos: True. It wouldn’t make much sense to start with lesson 22.
Natalia: Carlos, sometimes, I have to be reminded how talented you are.
Carlos: Well, thank you, Naty. What did I do that was so talented?
Natalia: Well, stating the obvious.
Carlos: You see what I have to deal with here?


Carlos: Well, this brings our first introduction lesson to an end.
Natalia: In our next round, we’re going to discuss what you can get on the next step up on the ladder, the basic subscription.
Carlos: Can’t wait! Later!
Natalia: ¡Chao!


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Thanks to Kevin Macleod for the music in today's lesson! Bienvenidos!!!! WELCOME EVERYONE!!! :grin: We are glad to bring the Spanish language to you on demand. Feel free to post questions and comments here in the forum any time you want more information, or are simply looking to chat about a topic. Enjoy!

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Hola JuT,


That sounds exciting. :sunglasses:




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Can't wait to get started!

Planning a trip to Chile in November!


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Hi Janice,

Thank you for posting!

The Forums are here: https://www.spanishpod101.com/forum/

You can find the link on the lower left corner of this page.

Please, let us know if you have any question.



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Where are the forums that the host were talking about?

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Hola Mark C,

Thank you for your comment :smile:

Please, let us know if you have any question and remember that you can comment and suggest as often as you wish.



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Mark C
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:smile:So far so good. Looking forward to a gentle pace of learning to suite my time.

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Hola Jerome,

We are glad to hear you are enjoying our lessons!

Remember we have a new lesson for you every week.

And don't hesitate in asking, our team will answer you as soon as possible.

Don't forget to study!



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Jerome Gabilo
Wednesday at 10:39 PM
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I personally love the podcasts here. I just started my free subscription today and listened to some lessons all day. Did I hear that right that one of your hosts is a Filipino? I'm a Filipino, too, but I want to learn Spanish. I've also been listening to some other of your language podcasts. ¡Gracias!

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Hi Greg

Thank you for your message. Please kindly send you username to contactus@spanishpod101.com and we will do it you.



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How do I cancel my subscription? I've been screwing around with this thing for 2 days now and have yet to learn anything except all the come-ons and reasons why I need to upgrade. I just wanted to try this program out and determine whether to continue on, but all I've get able to get is sales pitches. Now, even if I did find the program useful, I wouldn't continue it, because I find these kinds of marketing practices to be distasteful. Get me outa here!