Lesson Transcript

¡Sean bienvenidos!
Transmitiendo desde Spanishpod101.com
¡Qué chiva que está!
¡Hola chicos!
¿Qué tal todo el mundo?
¿Qué onda todos?
Dylan: We’re doing something a little more, shall we say, practical here?
Me parece muy útil.
¡Pero será posible!
Más útil no puede ser.
a thousand times.
¡Qué dicha!
Carlos: Intro, Lesson 1 – “Can something this good actually be free?” Hey, what’s going on, Pod101 world? My name is Carlos, and joining me is my partner in crime, Natalia.
Natalia: ¡Hola todos! Hi, everyone. This is Nat speaking. How have you been, Carlos?
Carlos: Naty, I really can’t complain. You know what? Especially since we’ve been giving the honor to introduce Spanishpod101.com to our ever-growing audience.
Natalia: Well, you can see how Carlos is proud, no?
Carlos: Of course I’m proud. Naty, aren’t you?
Natalia: Oh yes, I’m proud. But, you know, I don’t go telling people.
Carlos: Well, then I’m not giving you a T-shirt. Anyway, here at Spanishpod101.com, we approach language learning in a way that sets us apart from the others.
Natalia: Well, of course, it has us in it.
Carlos: Okay. Apart from the obviously overwhelming pride of Miss Arija. Spanishpod101.com lets you take your education wherever you can listen to audio.
Natalia: At your own speed, your own pace. It’s like customized education.
Carlos: You got to love it. But, Naty, do you know why else we’re here?
Natalia: Why?
Carlos: To explain exactly what we offer.
Natalia: Oh, well, in that case, we offer the Costa Rican Series, starring me, with a little help from Carlos.
Carlos: Okay. While she may be a little right, I think we should go a little more basic in that, Naty.
Natalia: Like all the way from scratch? Like what, subscriptions and all that?
Carlos: I think it’s an appropriate place to start. Since you brought it up, I mean, why don’t you explain that to our audience? What exactly is offered with our subscription?
Natalia: Ok, con mucho gusto, Carlitos. Spanishpod101 offers three levels of subscriptions.
Carlos: Which are?
Natalia: Carlos, I’m getting to that. I’m getting there.
Carlos: Okay, okay, my fault.
Natalia: Anyways, before I was interrupted, we offer three levels of subscription. Free, basic and premium.
Carlos: Well, if there’s a free section, why should I pay?
Natalia: That’s why we’re here. By the end of this introductions, everyone will understand why getting a premium subscription is the only way to go if you’re serious about your Spanish studies.
Carlos: True. Like everything else, you get what you pay for.
Natalia: Most of the time.
Carlos: Well, let’s go through and discuss each level and what someone gets with each.
Natalia: Sounds like a plan.
Carlos: Okay. Let’s start with the freebies we offer.
Natalia: For free, we have our audio. All of our podcasts are free to download and listen.
Carlos: Can I download these on my iPod?
Natalia: Yes, claro que sí, Carlos. That’s why it’s so great. Anywhere you listen to audio, you can listen to our podcast. And get your Spanish fixed for the day.
Carlos: Nice. Well, that’s hot. Yes, but what if I don’t have an MP3 player? I mean, let’s say I just want to listen to the podcast.
Natalia: Well, simple, you can listen to the audio straight from the Spanishpod101.com website.
Carlos: So, if I’m at work and I got the sudden urge to expand my knowledge in Spanish, I could just stream the podcast off the website?
Natalia: Exactly.
Carlos: But, wait. There are other podcasts out there that offer the same thing. I mean, really, what makes ours different?
Natalia: Carlos, why are you playing the Devil’s advocate?
Carlos: Well, other than my natural demeanor. I’m just trying to place myself in the shoes of a prospective student and customer.
Natalia: Okay. Well, in that case, with Spanishpod101 we also offer membership and an online community.
Carlos: What do you mean?
Natalia: Well, we have a section in each lesson for comments.
Carlos: So, if I had a question about the lesson, I could ask someone at SpanishPod101.com?
Natalia: Yes, exactly. Like, the host can answer you, there’s a lot of people just going on and can answer your questions.
Carlos: Man, that’s almost like having a private tutor.
Natalia: Something like that. But, you could also talk with other students. I mean, what else is learning another language about but communication?
Carlos: Naty, when you’re right, you’re right.
Natalia: I know that, Carlos. I’m glad you got the hold of it, though.
Carlos: What about the forum?
Natalia: The forum, well “mae”, the forum is so cool.
Carlos: Okay. To find out what the word “mae” means, check out Spanishpod101.com, Regional Series, Costa Rican, Lesson 1.
Natalia: And that, ladies and gentlemen, was Carlos making a shameless plug.
Carlos: Come on, Naty, when opportunity knocks.
Natalia: But you were talking about the forum.
Carlos: Right. Now, actually, the forum is a pretty cool spot.
Natalia: Why?
Carlos: There’s a bunch of different threads of discussion. For example, from traveling in Latin America to recipes.
Natalia: That part is all free, too?
Carlos: Well, if you are a free user who has not signed up for free trial or a paid subscription, you will need to manually create a forum account. But then, you can make posts, participate in discussions and get all the information you would want.
Natalia: Well, as a matter of fact, I put up a really good recipe for a “gallo pinto”, it's delicious.
Carlos: Not you, I did that.
Natalia: But it was my idea, so shhht.
Carlos: Anyway, you know what, Naty? It seems like you get a lot for free from Spanishpod101.com.
Natalia: But, wait. There’s more.
Carlos: Man, you love something like an infomercial.
Natalia: And if you call now…
Carlos: Come on, Naty. What else can we get?
Natalia: The Download Center.
Carlos: Right. The backbone on the site. Now, Naty, what exactly is the Download Center?
Natalia: The Download Center is the place to start if you’re new to SpanishPod101.com
Carlos: Why?
Natalia: Because, Carlos, this way the students can start from the beginning with our previous lessons.
Carlos: True. It wouldn’t make much sense to start with lesson 22.
Natalia: Carlos, sometimes, I have to be reminded how talented you are.
Carlos: Well, thank you, Naty. What did I do that was so talented?
Natalia: Well, stating the obvious.
Carlos: You see what I have to deal with here?


Carlos: Well, this brings our first introduction lesson to an end.
Natalia: In our next round, we’re going to discuss what you can get on the next step up on the ladder, the basic subscription.
Carlos: Can’t wait! Later!
Natalia: ¡Chao!