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Lesson Transcript

Rosa: Hello everyone, I am Rosa and this is Spanish weekly words and I am about to discover what the theme for this week is. It is life events.
The first word is [nacer] - “to be born”. [Nací en Motril en un Pueblo de Granada. ] - “I was born in Motril in a town in Granada.”
[graduación] which means “graduation”. [Me gradué de biotecnología en julio.] I graduated from biotechnology in July.
The next word is [boda] which means “wedding”. [Me gustan las bodas porque puedes comer mucho. ] - “I like weddings because you can eat a lot.”
The next word is [promoción] which means “promotion”. [Lo promocionaron y ahora es jefe.] - “He got promoted and now he is the boss.”
[morir] - “to die”. [Cuando su hamster se murió ella lloró mucho. ] - “When her hamster died, she cried a lot”. This is the end. I hope you learned something useful and I also hope to see you next week, bye.


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Which word do you like the most?

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Hola Tony,

Thank you for your comment.

Yes, you are correct. "promocionaron" is the plural third person.

You don't use one or another, "lo/los" is the third person direct object pronoun and "le/les" the indirect object pronoun.

"Le digo el cuento a María."

I tell the story to María.

"Se lo digo."

I tell it to her.



Team SpanishPod101.com

Tony G
Monday at 12:39 PM
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promocionaron sounds like a plural third person. Also When do we use Le/ Les instead of Lo /Los as a indirect object ?