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Lesson Transcript

Rosa: Hi everyone, my name is Rosa Martin. This is Spanish weekly words and I am about to see what the theme for today is. So it’s academics.
[conferencia] which means “lecture”. [Fui a una conferencia sobre neurociencias.] - “I went to a lecture about neurosciences”.
The next one is [conocimiento] - “knowledge”. [Su conocimiento en la materia es increible.] - “Her knowledge in the subject is amazing.”
[presentación] means “presentation”. [Durante mi carrera tuve que hacer muchas presentaciones de Power Point] - “During my bachelor, I had to make a lot of PowerPoint presentations”.
The next word is [profesor] - “professor”. Yeah if it’s female professor, it would be [profesora]. [La profesora de fisiología vegetal era muy extricta.] - “Plant physiology teacher was very strict.”
[teoría] which means “theory”. [Tuve que memorizar mucha teoría para ese examen.] - “I have to memorize a lot of theory for that exam”. Yeah, this is the end of Spanish weekly words. I hope you enjoyed it and learned something. Yeah hope you have a great day, see you, bye.


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Which word do you like the most?

Tuesday at 02:22 PM
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Hola Josefina,

Gracias por compartir!

😎Genial son varias cosas diferentes.

Please let us know if you have any question or doubt.

Sigamos practicando!



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Wednesday at 05:14 AM
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Me gusta educación física, arte, música, matemática, escribe, y castellana.

En la escuela, es divertida. ( en el mayor parte de tiempo)

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Hola Claire,

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Yes, you can. Go on keyboard language under keyboard settings and add the Spanish language.

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Claire Maidlow
Thursday at 02:31 AM
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How can I add accents to letters when writing in Spanish, when I am using an English keyboard?

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hi lee j won!

Oh I see! That's great :thumbsup:

Do you know how to say those words in Spanish?


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lee j won
Monday at 09:57 AM
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it's not in the video, but my favourite subject is spanish and physical education, and sometimes science.:innocent: