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Lesson Transcript

Rosa: Hello everyone, I am Rosa. This is Spanish weekly words and I am about to see what the theme for today is. It’s famous Spain food.
We have [paella] which is rice with seafood, it’s like orange and yellow rice and it’s very, I mean it’s typical from Valencia. It’s really good. [La paella se prepara en paelleras unos sartenes muy grandes.] - “The [paella] is prepared in [paelleras] which are very big pants.” They are like – yeah very big, they are not very deep.
The next one is [churros] and they are also like rounded and you have them with hot chocolate. It’s very typical. You like to eat them like after going out when it’s like 6 AM in the morning, yeah, it’s the best.
The next one is [cocido] it’s kind of stew. Yeah, it could have like almost everything you know what chickpeas normally, potatoes, some kind of meat. Yeah maybe even chorizo. [Cuando era pequeña no me gustaba nada el cocido] - “When I was a kid, I didn’t like the cocido at all.” Yeah, but my mother made me eat all (of it).
The next one is [gazpacho] which is very typical from the south especially during summer when it’s very hot, you kind of have these [gazpacho] - tomato soup. I mean it’s cold and you don’t really drink it like a soup. It’s like you have it in a glass, tomatoes, peppers, yeah. [Me encanta beber gazpacho en verano.] - “I love drinking [gazpacho] in summer”. Umm my favorite.
The next one is [tortilla de patatas] I think they call it like Spanish omelet. It’s made with potatoes, sometimes onion, it depends. Some people don’t like it. It’s not like a [*] it is quite thick and yeah it’s super good. [Cuando era alérgica al huevo no podía comer tortilla de patatas.] - “When I was allergic to eggs, I couldn’t eat [tortilla de patatas].” Yeah this is the end of today’s Spanish weekly words. I hope you learned something about Spanish food and I hope you get to try them. Hope you have a nice day and see you soon, bye.

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