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Lesson Transcript

Rosa: Hi everybody, I am Rosa Martin. We are here again in Spanish weekly words. I am about to discover which the theme of today is. Let’s go. So the theme for today is clothing actions.
[combinar]. It means “to go with”. [Tu colgante combina muy bien con esa camisa.] - “Your necklace goes very well with that shirt .”
[arreglar] it means “to mend”. Yeah not only clothes but yeah any object or situation, yeah. [Mi madre me arregló el disfraz.] - “My mother mends the costume for me.”
[ponerse] - “to put on, to wear something”. [Me puse mi pijama y me fui a dormir.] - “I put on my pajamas and I went to sleep”.
And the next word is [tejer]. [tejer] is “knit”. “I would like to learn how to knit.” [Me gustaría aprender a tejer.]
And the next word is [lavar] which means “wash”. Yeah not only clothes, also objects yourself, yeah whatever. [Quiero ponerme esta camiseta mañana así que voy a lavarla.] - “I want to wear this T-Shirt tomorrow, so I am going to wash it”. Yeah that’s the end of today’s Spanish weekly words. I hope you learned something and you liked it. Yeah see you soon, bye.