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Lesson Transcript

Rosa: Hi this is Rosa. We are here in a Spanish weekly words. The topic for this week is Spanish cities.
The first one is Barcelona. I love this city. The place I really like in Barcelona is [*]. It’s amazing like all the colors it has and all the sculptures. [Quizás estudiaré mi Masters en Barcelona.] - “I might study my masters in Barcelona” which is true.
The next one is Granada, my city. One of the most beautiful cities in the Spain for sure. Granada is in Valencia in the south of Spain, the Sacromonte neighborhood where there are like these gypsy caves. [Todo el mundo debería ir a Granada.] - “Everyone should go to Granada”.
Pamplona, the thing Pamplona is known for is the San Fermin festival, the running of the bulls. There are people running like free some bulls, the people try to escape from them. And there is a video on San Fermines, on the San Fermines also in spanishpod101.com so check it out if you are interested about the San Fermines. [Cuando fui a Pamplona todo el mundo llevaba una camiseta blanca y un pañuelo rojo.] - “When I went to Pamplona, everyone was wearing white T-Shirt, a red scarf.”
The next one is Madrid. I guess you know Madrid is the capital of Spain. It’s in the center. Normally when I go to Madrid, it’s because I am going to a concert or a musical. One of the most important places in Madrid is Museo del Prado and I guess it’s the biggest museum in Spain. There are really a lot of monuments and it’s very nice city. [Cuando el equipo de fútbol de Madrid gana van a la Fuente de Fideles.] - “When the Madrid football club wins, they go to Cibeles fountain”. Yeah that’s what they normally do.
The next city is Seville. Okay one of the most important monuments in Seville is La Giralda which is the Bell Tower of the cathedral. [La gente de Sevilla y la gente de Málaga no se llevan bien.] - “People from Seville and people from Malaga don’t get along very well”. That’s it and that’s the end of today’s Spanish weekly words and I hope you like learned a bit more about Spanish cities. Hope you liked it, see you.


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Why are these lessons in English? I want to learn Spanish. Why is the speaker acting like a teenager? This all feels like a complete waste of time.

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This video's great! I would love to go to Granada someday...:innocent:! My only wish is maybe you could add some photos of the cities, it would be helpful :smile: Thanks!

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i think ill like granada.:smile: