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Lesson Transcript

Rosa: Hi everyone, I am Rosa and this is Spanish weekly words. And I am about to discover what the theme for this week is. And it is clothing. So let’s see what the first word is.
It is [camisa] - “a shirt” [Me gustan las camisas con estampados extraños.] - “I like shirts with bizarre patterns.”
[pantalones] which means “pants”. [¿Prefieres los pantalones o las faldas?] - “Do you prefer pants or skirts?” And I prefer pants.
And the next one is [sombrero] - “hat”. [Me gusta llevar sombreros en invierno.] - “I like wearing hats during the winter”.
[suéter] - “Sweater”. [Compré este suéter en una tienda de segunda mano.] - “I bought this sweater in a second hand shop”.
And the next one is [chaquetón] - “coat”. [Cuando era pequeña tenía un chaquetón rosa.] - “When I was younger, I had a pink coat” and now my sister uses it. Yeah this is the end of today’s Spanish weekly words. I hope you learned some words. Hope to see you soon, bye.