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Lesson Transcript

Rosa: Hi everyone, I am Rosa and this is Spanish weekly words and I am going to see what the theme for today is. So it’s bugs!
The next word is [araña] - “spider”. [Me dan un poco de miedo las arañas.] - “I am a bit scared of spiders”, yeah.
[cucaracha] which means “cockroach”. [En mi habitación en Tokio vi tres cucarachas.] - “In my room in Tokyo, I saw three cockroaches” and it was horrible.
And the next word is [gusano] which is “worm”. [Cuando era pequeña tenía una caja llena de gusanos de seda. ] - “When I was a child, I had a box full of silkworms.”
The next one is [hormiga] which means “ant”. [De pequeña vi millones de veces la película hormigas. ] - “When I was a child, I watched a million times the film Ants.”
The next one is [mosca] which means “fly”. [Había una mosca un poco molesta en mi habitación. ] - “There was a quite disturbing fly in my room”
Yep! This is the end of today’s Spanish weekly words. I hope you learned something, have a nice day, take care. Bye.


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one question. isn't there any more spanish weekly words?