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Lesson Transcript

Rosa: Hi everyone, my name is Rosa. We are here once more in Spanish weekly words. Yep, I am going to see what the theme from today is. Its home appliances.
We have [aire acondicionado] which is “air conditioner”. [En Granada, sin aire acondicionado en verano, creo que moriría.] - “In Granada, without air conditioner in summer, I think I would die”. It’s true.
And the next word is [aspiradora] - “vacuum”. [Hay alguien que no vacía la aspiradora después de usarla.] - “There is someone who doesn’t empty the vacuum after using it.”
The next word is [frigorífico] which means “refrigerator”. Sometimes yeah I say [frigo] instead of [frigorífico] because it’s too long. [El frigorífico se rompió y tuvimos que tirar la comida.] - “The refrigerator broke down and we had to throw away the food. “
The next word is [lavadora] which is “washing machine”. [En mi residencia no hay lavadoras.] - “In my dorm, there are washing machines”.
The next word is [ventilador] - “fan”. [En verano estoy pegada al ventilador.] - “In summer, I am stuck, glued to the fan”. And yeah, that’s the end of today’s Spanish weekly words. I hope you learned something about home appliances. Yep and that you enjoyed it. Have a nice day and see you, bye.


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Which word do you like the most?

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Hola Zachary,

Thank you for your comment.:wink:

With all the hot weather a "aire acondicionado" comes in handy.



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Zachary Branham
Wednesday at 11:53 PM
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Prefero la palabra aire condiciona. Semana pasada, mi aire condiciona se rompio durante una tormenta :sweat_smile: Ahora, yo se el palabra espanol para es :smile:

I preferred the word 'aire condiciona'. Last week, my air conditioner broke down during a thunderstorm :sweat_smile: Now, I know the Spanish word for it :smile: