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Lesson Transcript

Rosa: Hi my name is Rosa. We are here in Spanish weekly words. The theme of today is in the classroom.
[aula] means “classroom”. So [Éramos veinte alumnos en el aula.] - “We were 20 students in the classroom”.
And the next word is [estudiante] which means “student”. I have already used that word in the last sentence. [Mi hermana es una estudiante de secundaria.] - “My sister is a high school student.”
The next word is [profesora] which means “teacher”, female teacher. So if you want to say like male teacher, you have to say [profesor]. [Mi profesora de literatura era muy estricta.] - “My literature teacher was very strict”.
The next word is [deberes] which is “homework”. And you use this word with the verb [hacer] “do your homework”. [Todos los días tenía que hacer muchos deberes.]- “ Every day I have to do a lot of – a lot of homework.”
The next word is [libro de texto] which means “textbook”. A sentence with it [Cada septiembre me encantaba comprar los nuevos libros de texto.] - So “In September, I loved buying the new textbooks”. That’s it, that’s the end of today’s Spanish weekly words. We talked about the classroom and I hope you liked it and you learned a lot. And well, see you, bye.

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