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Lesson Transcript

Rosa: Hello everyone, my name is Rosa and this is Spanish weekly words and I am about to discover what the theme for this week is. It is tableware and let’s see what the first word is.
And it is [cazo] which means “ladle”. [Usa el cazo para echar la sopa.] - “use the ladle to pour the soup”.
[plato] which means “plate”. [Le compré un plato con un dibujo de un león.] - “I bought him a plate with a drawing of a lion”.
[taza] - “cup”. [Quiero una taza bonita para tomar el té.] - “I want a pretty cup to drink tea.”
[tetera] - “teapot”. [Aunque me gusta mucho el té, no tengo tetera.] - “even though I love tea, I don’t have a teapot.” I use like these individual bowls.
[cafetera] which means “coffee pot”. [En mi cafetera sólo puedes hacer una taza de café.] - “In my coffee pot, you can only make one cup of coffee.” And this is the end of today’s Spanish weekly words. I hope it was useful and you learned something with this video. Hope to see you soon, bye take care.