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Lesson Transcript

Hello, and welcome to the Culture File: Mexico series at SpanishPod101.com. In this series, we’re exploring essential cultural information about Mexico, Mexican Culture, and Mexican People. In this lesson, we’re going to learn about a popular Mexican winter tradition. I’m Michael, and you're listening to Season 1, Lesson 3 - Las Posadas.
Nothing brings back more pleasant memories to most Mexicans than the events called "Las Posadas", which translated literally means The Inns. Many families traditionally observe this nine-day celebration.
The traditional Posadas begin with a procession; half of the guests carry lit candles, or "velas", and a tray on which they carry the images of the Sacred Family, Mary and Joseph, and the pilgrims. They walk around the house, or "casa", garden, or "jardín" or block, in Spanish "cuadra", until they arrive at the door, where they sing the first stanza of the litany requesting lodging. Behind the closed door, the rest of the guests, who play the role of innkeepers, refuse to let them enter; the dialogue continues in the same way for several stanzas, until the group outside finally identifies themselves “… I am a carpenter by the name Joseph… my wife is Maria… and of the Divine Word she is going to be a mother.” Then the door is opened and everybody goes into the house singing “Come in holy pilgrims, pilgrims, and receive this little corner. For although poor the abode, poor the abode, I give it to you with my heart.”
Once the "formal” part of the celebration is over, the real party begins. Snacks are served. A piñata gets broken, hot punch, or "ponche", is handed out to the adults with a nip of alcohol, some traditional food is served amongst the guests and the dance, or "baile" begins.
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