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Lesson Transcript

Hello, I'm Alex, and welcome to Mexican Spanish Top Words! Today we're going to talk about 10 ways to save the planet! Save!
1. reciclar "to recycle"
Para reciclar correctamente, tienes que separar bien la basura. "To recycle properly, you have to separate the trash."
It would just be nasty to separate, like, everything with bottles covered in food.
2. reutilizar "to reuse"
Reinventa, reutiliza y recicla lo que quieras. "Reinvent, reuse, and recycle anything you want."
Can you say this? Reinventa, reutiliza y recicla lo que quieras.
Reinventa, reutiliza y recicla lo que quieras.
Try it!
3. proteger "to protect"
Proteger la tierra está en nuestras manos. "Protecting the earth is in our hands."
A little song, I got the whole world in my hand. Copyright!
4. ahorrar agua "to save water"
Tenemos que esforzarnos para ahorrar agua y pensar en soluciones sostenibles. "We must strive to save water and think about sustainable solutions."
By not showering, especially in the winter; one day yes, one day no, who knows?
5. utilizar productos ecológicos "to use eco-friendly products"
¡Utiliza productos ecológicos, te aportará muchos beneficios! "Use eco-friendly products, it will bring you many benefits!"
A lot of plastic ends up in the oceans and affects many animals like sea turtles, so don't use plastic, save the turtles.
Bring your own bag to a store so that there's less plastic bags, eco bag!
6. respetar la naturaleza "to respect nature”
Es importante respetar la naturaleza para mantener los ecosistemas. "It's important to respect nature to keep ecosystems."
Like the Na'vi in Avatar, yeah.
7. ir en bicicleta "to ride a bicycle"
Si vas en bicicleta, ahorrarás y harás ejercicio. "If you ride a bicycle, you will save and exercise."
I always use my bicycle, it's called the Black Widow because it's black.
8. utilizar focos ahorradores "to use energy-efficient light bulbs"
Usa focos ahorradores, tu bolsillo te lo agradecerá. "Use energy-efficient light bulbs; your pocket will thank you."
Energy efficient light bulbs might cost a little more to buy at the store, but in the long run they last more and they consume less energy.
9. desenchufar electrodomésticos "to unplug appliances"
Puedes desenchufar la cafetera y el televisor, por ejemplo. "You can unplug the coffeemaker and TV, for example."
10. no usar el auto "to not use the car"
Si puedes usar transporte público, no uses el auto. "If you can use public transport, do not use the car."
Cars are a big source of carbon emissions.
And that's 10 ways to save the planet in Spanish! I hope that you learned some new tips and if you have any other that you want to share, make sure to leave a comment, and don't forget to Like and subscribe. See you next time, bye-bye!
Please recycle! I am a green person, fan. I try to be vegetarian to save the planet but it’s so hard. The widow.
Reinventa, reutiliza y recicla lo que quieras.