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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! I'm Jasmine from SpanishPod101.com. In this video, we'll be talking about top 15 favorite words chosen by our fans! We're here at the La Brea Tar Pits, let's begin.
1. amigo "friend"
Amigo means “friend.” I believe you'll be hearing this a lot in Mexico. When your friend calls you, they would just say amigo, which means “friend.” Mexico people are so open to meeting new people, so don't be afraid of making friends or amigos. Using this word, you can say,
Me encanta salir con mis amigos. "I love to go out with my friends."
2. araña "spider"
I'm not so sure why someone picked this as their favorite word but I guess it's probably because of the pronunciation. In Spanish, spider is araña. I don't like spiders personally, so I’d say,
Las arañas me dan mucho miedo. "Spiders are really scary to me."
3. bello "beautiful"
Bello means “beautiful.” Here we have bello, which means “beautiful.” You can say it to say you're beautiful or also to say something is beautiful. For example,
Ese dibujo es muy bello. "That drawing is beautiful."
4. contenta, contento "happy"
This word is probably my favorite, I want to use it more often. The word contenta means “I’m happy.” For example, if you take a test and it's difficult and you pass it, you can say,
Estoy muy contenta porque aprobé el examen. That means ”I’m very happy because I passed the test."
5. México "Mexico"
That is one of my favorite words, too. Mexico, the name of my country. I believe many of you already know it sounds different when you say it in Spanish than in English; in Spanish we say México, not Mexico. If you have friends in your home country and want to visit México, you could say,
Todos debería visitar México. Which means ”we should all visit Mexico."
6. hola "hello"
I think many of you started speaking Spanish with this expression, hola.
Hola, ¿cómo estás? It means "Hello, how are you?"
7. pingüino "penguin"
I guess some of our Facebook friends picked this word because they like penguins? But I'm not sure… anyways, pingüino is the word meaning “penguin;” using this word, you can say,
Me encantan los pingüinos de la película de Mary Poppins. "I love the penguins from the movie Mary Poppins."
8. primavera "spring"
That's my favorite season, spring, or primavera.
Me encanta cuando las flores florecen en la primavera. Which means ”I love when the flowers bloom in spring."
9. saludable "healthy"
I think it's one of the important words that I need to keep in mind, healthy or saludable. You can use this word as in,
Comer una hamburguesa todos los días no es saludable. This means “eating a hamburger every day is not very healthy."
10. helado "ice cream"
I don't like sweets in general, but I do love ice cream. In Spanish, ice cream is helado. In a sentence you can say,
Mi helado preferido es el de vainilla. That means ”My favorite ice cream is vanilla."
11. izquierda “to the left”
Unlike English, you can say “to the left” in just one word, izquierda. It's not very easy to say when you try it the first time, but izquierda. You can use it when giving directions, for example,
para llegar al restaurante hay que girar a la izquierda. It means ”to get to the restaurant, you have to turn left."
12. amor "love"
Love, love, love. I believe many of our speak Facebook fans love this word. In Spanish, it's amor. For example you can say,
¿Es el amor lo más importante para tí? Meaning ”is love the most important thing to you?"
13. fiesta “party"
Who wouldn't like to know how to say party in Spanish? It’s Fiesta. For example, you can say,
Cuando era estudiante de universidad iba a muchas fiestas. This means “when I was a student at the university, I used to go to a lot of parties."
14. ferrocarril "railroad"
I think our Facebook fans pick this one because it's a tongue twister, ferrocarril means “railroad” in English.
Es difícil pronunciar ferrocarril. "It's difficult to pronounce ‘ferrocarril,’ railroad.”
15. señorita "miss"
I think you've heard this word a lot in movies or TV shows. You can use it to refer to a young lady. Make sure to use it at the right tone so that it doesn't sound rude. Señorita. In a sentence, you can say
Esa señorita baila muy bien el flamenco. "That young lady dances flamenco very well."
Okay, that's all about our top 15 words chosen by our fans! And if you really want to become fluent and speak Spanish on the first lesson go to SpanishPod101.com. I'll see there! Hasta la próxima.


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