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Hi, everyone. I’m Denise from SpanishPod101.com. In this video, we’ll be talking about 10 Words You Need to Know at the Airport. Let’s begin!
The first word is...
[Normal] terminal [Slow] terminal
For example, you can say Tengo que tomar mi avión en la terminal dos.
This means "I have to take my plane at terminal two."
Although the word tomar means "to take," it is also used for "to drink."
[Normal] recoger equipaje [Slow] recoger equipaje
"pickup luggage"
Por favor recoja su equipaje en el mostrador correspondiente.
"Please pick up your luggage at the corresponding counter."
In this example, the verb recoger, meaning "to pick up," is conjugated to the polite form.
[Normal] boleto de avión [Slow] boleto de avión
"plane ticket"
Compré mi boleto de avión online.
This means, "I purchased my plane ticket online."
You can use this sentence structure to say you bought a ticket online for other means of transportation or events by replacing the word avión with something else.
[Normal] vuelo [Slow] vuelo
For example, you can say El vuelo saldrá en una hora, which means
"The flight will leave in one hour."
Replace the noun phrase El vuelo with another phrase to say that something or someone will leave in one hour.
[Normal] abordar [Slow] abordar
Most airports will have announcements in English, but if it's a small airport, pay attention to the word abordar!
For example, you might hear Empezaremos a abordar en 10 minutos,
which means "We will start to board in 10 minutes."
[Normal] puerta de abordaje [Slow] puerta de abordaje
"boarding gate"
Una vez cerrada la puerta de abordaje, nadie podrá salir.
This means, "Once the boarding gate is closed, nobody will be allowed to exit."
[Normal] retrasado [Slow] retrasado
Mexico City International Airport is the largest Mexican airport, so it’s common to see some delayed flights.
For example, El avión fue retrasado por la tormenta.
This means "The plane was delayed due to the storm."
[Normal] despegar [Slow] despegar
"take off"
El avión despegará en veinte minutos.
"The plane will take off in twenty minutes."
The word despegar can also mean "to unstick" and "unglue."
[Normal] aterrizar [Slow] aterrizar
El avión aterrizará en el aeropuerto a las diez.
"The plane will land at the airport at ten o'clock."
Another similar word is aterrizaje, which means "landing."
[Normal] reservación [Slow] reservación
¿Tiene una reservación?
"Do you have a reservation?"
Although making online reservations is popular nowadays, in Mexico, small hotels still don't offer online booking options.
[Normal] cambio de moneda [Slow] cambio de moneda
"currency exchange"
El cambio de moneda cambia de acuerdo con la economia.
"The currency exchange rate changes depending on the economy."
The Mexican currency is called the peso. The symbol is similar to the American dollar, $.
[Normal] tienda libre de impuestos [Slow] tienda libre de impuestos
Aprovecha las ofertas de las tiendas libre de impuestos.
"Take advantage of the duty-free offers."
Usually in Mexico, prices in stores include tax, so you don't have to calculate any extra charges.


Okay, that's all for this lesson. Which word do you like most? Leave us a comment letting us know. And we'll see you next time!
Hasta la próxima!

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