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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! I'm Rosa, and today we'll be doing the 10 phrases you always want to hear in Spanish. So let's begin!
1. El presupuesto es ilimitado. "The budget is unlimited."
For example, if you are at a fancy restaurant and the other person tells you the budget is unlimited, el presupuesto es ilimitado, you can eat all you want, yeah!
2. Eres una excelente cocinera. "You're an excellent cook."
It always feels nice when you know you can taste the things.
3. Habrá un extra al final del mes. "There'll be a bonus at the end of the month."
Sounds great!
4. Te echo de menos. "I miss you."
I haven't met you but I miss you already.
5. Te traje algo especial. "I brought you something special."
What could it be?
6. Te ves muy bien hoy. "You look great today."
You look great today, all of you. Yes, you!
7. ¡Tenías razón! "You were right!"
It always feels good to be right. Yeah!
8. ¡Y tú ganas! "And you win!"
And what is it that I win? Give me!
9. Te quiero. "I love you."
Well, in my case I love the viewers that leave nice comments.
10. Eres tan inteligente. which is, “you're so smart."
This is the end of today’s 10 phrases you always want to hear in Spanish! I hope you like them, and thank you very much for watching, and please don't forget to subscribe. Bye!
Eres una persona creativa. “You are a creative person.”
One of the compliments I like to hear the most. Oh no, please.


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My complements to the host, Rosa.❤️️

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Hi, Rosa you are really a great host. i like watching you and i am learning a lot. i love everybody who wanna help others and you are one of them. thank you very much

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rosa .. you are the best and i love you