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Lesson Transcript

Hello, everyone! I’m Rosa, today we’ll be doing the 10 Hardest Words to Pronounce in Spanish. so let's begin!
1. frigorífico "refrigerator"
Cuando el frigorífico se estropeó tuvimos que tirar mucha comida.
“When the refrigerator broke down we had to throw away a lot of food.”
2. correr "to run"
Me gustaría algún día correr una maratón.
“I would like to someday run a marathon.”
3. espantapájaros "scarecrow"
Me gusta cuando la gente viste a los espantapájaros como si fueran personas.
“I like it when people dress up scarecrows as if they were people.”
4. exquisito "delicious"
Fuimos a un restaurante muy caro y toda la comida era exquisita.
“We went to a fancy restaurant and all the food was very delicious.”
5. idiosincracia "idiosyncrasy"
The next word is idiosincracia, which means "idiosyncrasy”.
Una de sus idiosincracias es lavarse las manos cada hora.
“One of his idiosyncrasy is washing his hands every hour.”
6. perro "dog"
Cuando era pequeña tenía miedo de los perros.
“When I was a child I was scared of dogs.”
7. niño "child"
Cuando era niño se portaba muy mal con los otros niños.
"When he was a child he was very bad to the other children."
8. paraguas "umbrella"
The next word is paraguas, which means "umbrella”.
Siempre me olvido el paraguas en los sitios.
“I always forget my umbrella in places.”
9. pelo "hair"
The next word is pelo, which means "hair”.
Me corté el pelo hace poco.
“I cut my hair recently.”
10. pingüino "penguin"
The next word is pingüino, which means "penguin”.
Me gusta la forma de andar de los pingüinos.
“I like how penguins walk.”
So this is the end of today’s 10 Hardest Words to Pronounce in Spanish, I hope you learned something. Thank you very much for watching this video. Please don’t forget to subscribe, bye!