Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! This is Rosa and today we’ll be doing 10 ways to motivate yourself while learning Spanish. Let’s begin!
1. ¡Sueño con que algún día viviré en España! “I dream that someday I will live in Spain!”
Yeah, I think that’s a good way to motivate yourself because if you dream of going to that place like you know that what you’re doing now will be of use like you know you’re doing it for something because there, you will use it on a day-to-day basis.
2. Estudio aspectos culturales, cosa que hace más gratificante estudiar español. “I study cultural aspects, which makes it more rewarding to study Spanish.”
Yeah, I used to think it’s more interesting to not only learn a language, but learn a language in its context and learn a little bit more about the history, the culture and the way those people live because a lot of times, those things also influence the language so it can even make it a little bit easier to learn and also, I don’t know in general, if it makes it more interesting.
3. ¡Me gusta encontrar palabras graciosas en español! “I like to find funny words in Spanish!”
I don’t know if they are considered funny words, but there are a lot of people that start learning a language by learning the bad words you normally use in that language so I don’t know. If that motivates you, it’s a good way I guess.
4. Me hago amigo de la gente que habla español. “I make friends with people who speak Spanish.”
Yeah, I think that’s one of the best ways to motivate yourself especially if you cannot communicate with those people in other language and you can only use Spanish because it makes you really want to learn the language and to be able to communicate better with them. It’s one of the best ways I think to motivate yourself.
5. Miro videos en YouTube de otras personas que han aprendido español con éxito. “I watch YouTube videos of other people who have successfully learned Spanish.”
I didn’t know that there were videos of people speaking other languages they’ve learned. I don’t know if you can find it. I guess it’s a good way to see that it’s possible that you can really get to that level and learn a language.
6. ¡Me gusta pedir la comida en español en restaurantes españoles! “I enjoy using Spanish to order at Spanish restaurants!”
Yeah, I think that that’s a good starting point. If you don’t know other people that speak Spanish in this case in your city, you can always go to a Spanish restaurant and try to use it a little bit.
7. Veo películas y programas de televisión y disfruto cuando entiendo una palabra o una frase. “I watch Spanish movies and TV shows and I enjoy the feeling when I understand a word or a sentence.”
Yeah, that’s a good way to learn a language and I would also maybe recommend to use subtitles in that language. That way, you can also see it written. Maybe when you are like...I don’t know, have a higher level like you can watch them without subtitles.
8. Bailo salsa y bachata con músicas españolas. “I dance salsa and bachata with Spanish music.”
That’s not a method I would use myself, but I know that some people, I mean get super into, yeah, salsa, bachata or also maybe flamenco and they decided they want to study the language because of that and it makes them really motivated about it.
9. Sigo los cotilleos de la prensa rosa en España. “I follow the gossip of the tabloid press in Spain.”
I mean if you are able to understand what they are saying in these TV shows in which they only talk about gossip and yeah, I don’t know, things, people in Spain and everything, I don’t know, that means that your level is super high because they are always screaming at each other on this kind of programs and you can’t barely understand anything so yeah, I think that’s a good way, I don’t know, to see if you’re really pro at this or not.
10. Leo mis libros favoritos en español. “I read my favorite books in Spanish.”
Yeah, I think that’s a good way to learn new vocabulary. Just, don’t get too frustrated if you don’t understand one word and don’t stop at every word you don’t know because sometimes based on the context, you can kind of understand the sentence. If not, it can get very frustrating and most likely, you’ll end up abandoning the book. Yeah, that’s a pity.
This is the end of today’s 10 ways to motivate yourself when learning Spanish. Tell us in the comments below what your secret is to motivate yourself when learning a new language. Don’t forget to like this video, subscribe and check out SpanishPod101.com. Hasta luego!