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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! This is Rosa and today we'll be doing Top 10 phrases to use when you are angry. Let's begin!
1. No es de tu incumbencia. "It’s none of your business."
Okay so if someone asks you about something you don't want to say anything about and you’re, I don't know, a bit upset, maybe this person like you can say this.
2. Cállate. "Shut up."
So very straightforward. If you want someone to be silent, you can say this.
3. Déjame en paz. "Leave me alone."
So if you are very busy or if you don't want, like, another person to talk to you for a while, you can say this. It's not very nice, but you can say it.
4. ¿Estás de coña? "Are you kidding me?"
So for example if someone is saying something to you and nothing like really surprises you and you, I don't know, didn’t think that that could happen, you can use the sentence. Depending on the tone you use, you can use it with friends and it doesn't have to imply you're angry or anything. It's more like you're surprised, you’re, I don't know, you didn't expect to hear that. So I mean it's very informal, but it doesn't have to mean that you are angry at the other person.
5. Como quieras. "Whatever."
So I don't know, when you are tired of discussing with someone, you just want to end the conversation, you can say - Como quieras like whatever you want to, go on. It will most likely be finished.
6. Corta el rollo. "Cut it out."
For example, if someone is making a lot of excuses, he's trying to explain something and you just want them to shut up and, yeah stop, I don't know, making excuses or whatever, you can say this - Corta el rollo.
7. No quiero hablar contigo. "I don’t want to talk to you."
You want someone to give you some space and not talk to you for a while, you can say that to this person.
8. Estoy molesto. "I'm upset."
So yeah you can say this if someone has done you something and yeah, you’re feeling a bit mad about it.
9. ¿Y qué pasa? "So what?"
Maybe if someone makes a remark about something you said, I don't know, the other person is complaining about something or found some problems, but you don't think that thing is important, you can say - ¿Y qué pasa? "So what?".
12. No me estás escuchando. "You're not listening to me."
When you are discussing with someone and the other person goes on and on and he isn’t really listening to you, you can say this for example.
This is the end of today’s top 10 phrases to use when you're angry. Tell us in the comments below what do you say when you're angry. Don't forget to like this video, subscribe to the channel and check out SpanishPod101.com. Hasta luego!