Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, this is Rosa. Today we'll be doing 5 Amazing Love Quotes from Spanish Songs.
Let's begin!
1. Yo no te pido la luna, tan solo quiero amarte.
"I'm not asking you for the moon, I just want to love you."
‘Yo no te pido la luna’ by Sergio Dalma.
So he's a pretty famous singer. I don't listen to his music a lot, but I would say, he's more, like, my mother's generation. So, very classical. I think he used to be, like, kind of good looking and cool before, not that much now, I guess.
2. No me canso de buscarte. No me importaría arriesgarte, si al final de esta aventura yo lograra conquistarte.
"I don't get tired of seeking you. I wouldn't care to risk you, if at the end of this adventure I could win you over."
"Mi princesa" by David Bisbal
So David Bisbal was one of the winners of the first edition of a very famous singing reality show in Spain. Like, all the people that participated in that edition of the show became super famous. And everybody in Spain would be watching, like, every day, the program.
One of the things he was famous for was his curly blond hair, that was kind of his trademark.
You like him? No...
3. Te mentiría si negara hoy que desde entonces solo sueño contigo.
"I would be lying to you, if I denied today, that since that day I only dream of you."
'Apareces tú' by La Oreja de Van Gogh.
La Oreja de Van Gogh, which is translated as Van Gogh's Ear, the painter's ear, is a pop band that's been singing songs for quite a long time. Yeah, they're a very famous pop band in Spain. A friend of mine used to be SO obsessed with them. But they changed their main singer, so my... I was in high school, like, this friend of mine was obsessed with them, she would have, like, all the... not notebook, but you have the... full of photos, you know, these things with rings. She would go to all the concerts, I don't know.
4. Regálame tu estrella, la que ilumina esta noche llena de paz y de armonía, y te entregaré mi vida.
"Give me your star, the one that lights up this night full of peace and harmony, and I will hand you my life."
'Solamente tú' by Pablo Alborán.
So Pablo Alborán is a singer-songwriter that got discovered on Youtube some years ago, in Spain. He's got really famous since then.
5. Toma mi presente, mi futuro incierto y que el mundo nos recuerde por soñar despiertos.
"Take my present, my uncertain future. And may the world remember us for daydreaming"
'Mira dentro' by Maldita Nerea.
So, I don't know much about them, but they're a pretty famous rock band in Spain. Not very hardcore or anything, more like rock pop. But... yeah, they're quite famous.