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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! This is Rosa and today we’ll be doing top 10 language learning goals for the year. Let’s go!
1. Terminaré la serie "Frases de Supervivencia" de SpanishPod101.com escuchando dos lecciones por día. “I'll finish Survival Phrases series on SpanishPod101.com by listening to two lesson a day.”
I think it’s really good to have some like really clear goals because a language is so...in order to really learn, I think you have to take it to something specific. Yeah, I think this is a good example like you say and I’m going to do this like two of these every day. It will make your Spanish improve.
2. Acabaré de leer un libro en español leyendo 10 páginas al día. “I'll finish reading one Spanish book by reading 10 pages a day.”
One of my favorite Spanish authors is Javier Marías. If you have already like a pretty good level of Spanish, I think you could try to read one of his books. He’s really good.
3. Aprobaré mi examen de español. “I'll pass my Spanish test.”
I’ve used this like kind of goal myself for a few times to try to motivate me to learn some languages because if I didn’t do that like I wouldn’t really study after classes or anything. So yeah, it might be a good way to register into one of these official Spanish exams. Just by preparing for it like you will learn a lot of Spanish. Yeah, I think it will be useful.
4. Les daré un discurso introductorio de 3 minutos en español a mis amigos españoles. “I'll give a 3 minute introductory speech in Spanish to my Spanish friends.”
I think it’s important to know like it might be basic things, but yeah, it’s very important to know them like really well because you’re going to have to introduce yourself like so many times in like the language you’re learning so yeah, important to know all those basics.
5. Memorizaré 5 canciones en español. “I'll memorize 5 Spanish songs.”
Yeah, I don’t know, I think it’s a good method to use music because like...I think it’s easier to remember the lyrics to a song than remembering like some sentences in a book.
6. Memorizaré 350 palabras con las tarjetas de SpanishPod101.com. “I'll memorize 350 words with flashcards on SpanishPod101.com.”
Yeah, it’s a very good way to memorize things. So with flashcards, you normally have this algorithm that shows you the cards that you might have forgotten. Yeah, it’s made for you to remember those words so, yeah, I think it’s a very good method. Nowadays, like you can have that on your phone like you don’t really need to...it’s not like before that you needed to have like your stack of notes like now you have your mobile, you have your app, yeah, check them out whenever you have some free time.
7. Escribiré 10 postales en español a mis amigos españoles. “I'll write 10 postcards in Spanish to my Spanish friends.”
So yeah, I think that’s a very good idea like sometimes you don’t get that many chances I think to practice your written skills. It might be a good exercise to write these postcards. Good idea and I’m sure that your friends will really appreciate receiving that. At least I don’t know, I get so happy every time I receive a letter especially because nowadays like, I don’t really receive any. I don’t know, I think it’s very special and it shows that you care about your friends and that you remember them.
8. Aprenderé cómo hablar sobre eventos del pasado, presente y futuro. “I'll learn how to talk about past, present and future events.”
So yeah, in order to be able to communicate what you want to say, it’s like important to have some knowledge of how to differentiate and how the verbs work when you want to say something in the past or in the future or in the present.
9. Dominaré 150 palabras cada mes memorizando 5 palabras al día. “I'll master 150 words a month by memorizing 5 words a day.”
Yeah, you can use your flashcards also to memorize these words. It might seem like very little, oh, it’s only like 5 words, but they build up. The thing is that I’m normally like not very constant with that and then you think about it and it’s like 150 words a month, that’s already something and if you multiply it for like 12 months in a year like you think it’s nothing, but like learning a language is such a long road so yeah. Even if it feels that you’re not really learning much that you’re just doing very small thing like you just have to be persistent, be diligent, continue and you’ll see results in the end.
10. Buscaré una pareja lingüística para poder practicar español. “I'll look for a language partner to practice Spanish.”
Yeah, I always find that speaking is the most difficult thing when I’m learning a new language so it’s really good if you can like put yourself a little bit like get some native speaker friends and practice with them, yeah, very useful. I should take my own advice and do that myself of course.
And this is the end of today’s lesson. Today, we did top 10 language learning goals for the year. Which ones are your goals? Please tell us in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe, if you liked this video, give it a thumbs up and if you’d like to take more Spanish lessons, please visit SpanishPod101.com. Hasta luego! See you soon!