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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! This is Rosa and today, we’ll be doing the top 10 phrases to know when having a baby. Let’s start!
1. dar el pecho “to breastfeed”
La madre le da el pecho a su hijo. “The mother breastfeeds her child.”
2. cambiar un pañal “to change a diaper”
No me hace mucha ilusión cambiar pañales. “I'm not really excited about changing diapers.”
3. poner un babero “to put on a bib”
Si no le pongo el babero lo deja todo perdido. “If I don't put the bib on him, he leaves everything dirty.”
4. cambiar de ropa “to change clothes”
De pequeña me cambiaban de ropa tres veces al día. “When I was little, I was changing clothes three times a day.”
5. cantar una nana “to sing a lullaby”
Cantar una nana ayuda a que los bebés se duerman. “Singing a lullaby helps babies fall asleep.”
6. echar una siesta “to take a nap”
Mi hija se echa siestas de una hora y media. “My daughter takes naps for an hour and a half.”
7. hacer papilla “to make baby food (porridge)”
Cuando hago papillas para mi hermana me dejo una ración para mí. “When I make baby food for my sister, I leave a portion for myself.”
I love this like apple puree bottles that this...oh.
8. bañar “to bathe”
Bañar a un bebé parece complicado, se ven tan delicados. “Bathing a baby seems complicated; they look so delicate.”
9. llevar un carrito “to push a stroller”
Los padres con gemelos tienen que llevar un carrito más grande. “Parents with twins have to push a larger stroller.”
10. leer un cuento “to read a story”
Léele un cuento antes de ir a dormir. “Read him a story before going to sleep.”
And this is the end of today’s top 10 phrases to know when having a baby. Let us know in the comments below if you’re planning to have one soon and don’t forget to like this video, subscribe and check out SpanishPod101.com. See you! Hasta luego!