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Lesson Transcript

Rosa: Hi my name is Rosa and today we will be doing the top 25 nouns in Spanish. So let’s begin.
nombre “name”.
The first one is nombre which means “name”.
“My name is Rosa” Mi nombre es Rosa.
¿Cuál es tu nombre? “what’s your name?”
“The name of my favorite artist is Deftones.” El nombre de mi artista favorito es DEFTONES.
día “day”.
The next one is día which means “day”.
Hoy es un buen día. “Today it’s a good day. “
“My favorite day of the week is Saturday.” Mi día favorito de la semana es el sábado.
Vida “life”.
The next one is vida which means “life”.
Vive la vida. “Live the life.”
año “year”.
The next one is año which means “year”.
“I was born in the year 1991.” Nací en el año 1991.
“I would like to live in the 20s.” Me gustaría vivir en los años 20.
“This year I want to travel to the United States.” Este año quiero viajar a los Estados Unidos. I would like to go to New York.
Hora “time”.
The next one is hora which means “time”.
¿Qué hora es? “What time is it?”
Ahora es la hora del desayuno. “Now it’s time for breakfast.”
“Be on time there.” Estate a la hora allí.
Momento “moment”.
The next one is momento which is “moment”.
“Wait a moment!” Espera un momento.
“Live the moment!” Vive el momento.
Lugar “Place”.
The next one is lugar which means “place”.
Cual es tu lugar favorito? “What is your favorite place?”
Mi lugar favorito de España es Barcelona. “My favorite place in Spain is Barcelona.”
Parte “part”.
The next one is parte which means “part”.
Esto es parte de la historia. “This is part of the story. “
Parte de mi quiere volver a estudiar y parte de mi no. “A part of me wants to go back to study and a part of me doesn’t.”
Tiempo “Time”.
The next one is tiempo which means “time” or also “weather”.
“What’s the weather like?” Que tiempo hace?
“Her running time was 20 minutes.” Su tiempo de carrera fue de 20 minutos.
El tiempo pasa muy rápido. “Time passes by very quickly.”
Casa “House”, “home”.
The next one is casa which means “house”, “home”.
“I’ve never lived in a house.” Nunca he vivido en una casa.
“I would like to live in a beach house.” Me gustaría vivir en una casa de playa.
Hoy “Today”.
The next one is hoy which means “today”.
Hoy va a llover. “Today it’s going to rain.”
“Today I have pancakes for breakfast. “Hoy comí tortitas por el desayuno.
Hoy tengo muchas cosas que hacer. “Today I have lots of things to do.”
Ayer “Yesterday”.
The next one is ayer which means “yesterday”.
Ayer estuve grabando otros vídeos. “Yesterday I was recording other videos.”
“Yesterday is history.” El ayer es historia.
Mañana “Morning”, “tomorrow”.
The next one is mañana which means “morning” and also “tomorrow”.
Mañana es mi dia libre. “Tomorrow it’s my day off.”
Lo primero que hago cuando me levantó por la mañana es desayunar. “The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is having breakfast.”
El mañana es un misterio. “Tomorrow is a mystery.”
Semana “Week”.
The next one is semana which means “week”.
Esta semana estoy viajando. “This week, I am traveling.“
La semana que viene voy a comer los donuts fritos de mi madre. “Next week, I am going to eat my mother’s fried donuts.”
Mes “month”.
The next one is mes which means “month”.
Mi mes preferido es mayo. “My favorite month is May.”
El mes que viene quiero conseguir mi permiso de conducir. “Next month, I want to get my driver’s license.”
Hombre “Man”.
The next one is hombre which means “man”.
“Mankind has made a great progress in technology.” El hombre ha hecho un enorme progreso en tecnología.
Muyer “Woman”.
The next one is muyer which means “woman”.
Esa mujer trabaja demasiado. “That woman works too much.”
El nombre de su mujer es María. “His wife’s name is Maria.”
Señor “Gentleman”.
The next one is señor which means “gentleman”.
“Ladies and gentlemen!” Señoras y señores!
País “country”.
País which means “country”.
“What’s your favorite country?” Cual es tu país preferido?
Este país es muy diferente del mío. “This country is very different from mine.”
“I like the country Thailand because it has great food.” Me gusta el país Tailandia porque su comida es increíble.
Mundo “World”.
The next word is mundo which means “world”.
When you are for example visiting another country and you meet someone from your own country, you can say El mundo es un pañuelo, “the world is a handkerchief” meaning that the world is too small. No me lo creo! “I can’t believe it.” The world is a handkerchief.
“The world goes round and round.” El mundo gira y gira.
Trabajo “work”, “job”.
Trabajo which means “work” and “job”.
Cual es tu trabajo? “What is your job?”
“In Spain, a job is normally 40 hours a week.” En Espana un trabajo normalmente es de 40 horas a la semana.
A job that I would like to do would be an illustrator.
Persona “Person”.
The next one is persona which means “person”.
Eres mi persona preferida. “You are my favorite person.”
“I am a shy person.” Soy una persona tímida.
Cosa “Thing”.
The next one is cosa which means “thing”.
Tengo muchas cosas que hacer. “I got a lot of things to do.”
“The thing I like most about this place is the service.” La cosa que me gusta más de este sitio es el servicio.
Ciudad “city”.
The next one is ciudad which means “city”.
Mi ciudad no es muy grande. “My city is not very big”.
“Very big cities can be a bit stressful for me.” Las ciudades muy grandes pueden ser un poco estresantes para mi.
Agua “water”.
The next one is agua which means “water”.
Tu cuerpo es dos tercios de agua. “Your body is two-thirds of water.”
“Bring a bottle of water with you when you exercise.” Lleva una botella de agua cuando hagas ejercicio.
Música “Music”.
The next one is música which means “music”.
Hace algunos años solo escuchaba música hardcore. “Some years ago, I only listened to hardcore music.”
This is the end of today’s top 25 nouns in Spanish. Thank you for watching and I hope you learned something useful today. Don’t forget to subscribe. Bye. The world is a handkerchief.