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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! This is Rosa. Today, I’m going to teach you 10 responses to “How are you?”.
1. ¿Cómo estás? “How are you?”
This is a more formal way of asking “How are you?” A more colloquial way would be ¿Qué tal?
2. Gracias por preguntar. “Thank you for asking.”
3. Estoy bien. “I'm fine.”
So this is the most common response you can get to “How are you?”. When you don’t really want to explain anything else, you just say, Estoy bien. ¿Y tú? “And you?” ¿Cómo estás?
4. ¿Cómo has estado recientemente? “How have you been recently?”
This you would ask to someone you haven’t seen in some time and you’re curious about how they’ve been.
5. Tengo sueño. “I'm sleepy.”
6. No estoy mal. “I'm not bad.”
So when you’re not particularly fine, but also not bad, you can say this. It’s kind of in a middleground.
7. Estoy cansado. “I'm tired.”
So you should rest a bit more.
8. Me siento mal. “I'm feeling bad.”
You could say this either if you’re having some physical pain, also if you’re feeling bad psychologically because of something. So I’m inventing some of them because they are not same words.
9. Estoy regular. “I'm so-so.”
So again, if you are not fine, but you are not bad either, you’re going to say this.
10. Estoy agobiado. “I'm stressed.”
So you’re going to say this if you have a lot of things to do, have a lot of work or you’re busy studying for some exams.
This is the end of today’s 10 responses to “How are you?”. I hope all of you are fine. I hope you liked this video and also don’t forget to subscribe. Hasta luego.


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The only thing she failed to mention is that the -o ending of "cansado" or "agobiado" is for males only and females would have to say "Estoy cansadA" or "Estoy agobiadA". 😇

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"me siento" means "I feel"

"lo siento" means "I'm sorry"



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I was using this for about 3 weeks but when I came back a lot of things were locked and you needed Premium stuff

please bring free stuff back

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what the difference between "Me siento" and "lo siento"