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Lesson Transcript

Hello! This is Rosa. Welcome to Spanish Top Words. Today, we’ll be doing must know expressions for agreeing and disagreeing.
1. ¿Puedo añadir algo aquí? “Can I add something here?”
So it’s a polite way to interrupt someone who’s talking.
2. ¿Qué opinas? “What do you think?”
Always nice to ask for other’s opinions.
3. Así es exactamente como me siento. “That’s exactly how I feel.”
Yeah, nice expression to agree with someone when you’re having like a deeper conversation I could say.
4. ¡Eso es cierto! “That’s true!”
You’re learning Spanish. “That’s true!” ¡Eso es cierto!
5. No estoy de acuerdo. ¡No! “I don’t agree. No!”
One time is not enough. You have to like repeat it at the end.
6. ¡No hay duda de eso! “No doubt about it!”
So if someone would tell me like, oatmeal is an awesome breakfast food, I could say, “No doubt about it!” ¡No hay duda de eso!
7. No podría estar más de acuerdo contigo. “I couldn’t agree with you more!”
Sushi is the best food ever. “I couldn’t agree with you more!” No podría estar más de acuerdo contigo.
8. ¡Sí, tienes razón! “Yes, you’re right!”
SpanishPod101.com is the best way to learn Spanish. Yes you’re right.
9. ¡Vamos a seguir adelante! ¿Vale? “Let’s just move on! Shall we?”
If some discussion is getting a little bit too heated, at some point, you’re just going to say that and try to move on to another topic.
10. ¡Exactamente! “Exactly!”
He should take very good care of his health. “Exactly!” ¡Exactamente!
And this is the end. Today, we did must know expressions for agreeing and disagreeing. I hope you like them. Tell us which one was your favorite. Please don’t forget to check out SpanishPod101.com and please subscribe to this channel. Bye! Hasta pronto.