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Lesson Transcript

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Hi, everyone! This is Rosa, and today’s lesson is What adjective describes your personality best?
1. aburrido "boring"
Nunca quiere hacer nada, es muy aburrido. "He never wants to do anything; he is very boring."
2. activo "active"
Nunca está quieto, es una persona muy activa. "He is never still; he is a very active person."
3. amable "kind"
Sabe escuchar muy bien y es muy amable. "He knows how to listen and he is very kind."
4. calmado "calm"
Normalmente es muy calmado, pero no hoy. "Normally he is very calm, but not today."
5. educado "polite"
Es muy educado con los mayores. "He is very polite with older people."
6. educado "polite"
Es muy energético, no necesita beber café. "He is very energetic; he doesn't need to drink coffee."
7. fuerte "strong"
Tiene una personalidad muy fuerte. "He has a very strong personality."
8. serio "serious"
Es una persona muy seria y nunca se ríe. "He is a very serious person and he never laughs."
9. cómico "humorous"
Es un personaje muy cómico. "He is a very humorous character."
10. gracioso "funny"
Es muy gracioso y hace a todo el mundo reír. "He is very funny and he makes everyone laugh."
And this is the end of What adjective describes your personality best? I hope you liked it. Please tell me which word describes your personality best! Don't forget to subscribe. Hasta pronto!