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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! I'm Rosa, today we'll be talking about 10 Spanish Dishes. So let's start!
1. arroz negro "black rice"
Arroz negro, which is "black rice". This is made with squid ink, it doesn't look very yummy but it tasted good I like it.
El arroz negro me ensució los dientes. "Black rice stained my teeth."
2. chorizo, which is "chorizo"
It's like a kind of sausage, but they are normally reddish. Yeah, they put spices in it, you normally have it fried, it's very typical in Spain.
Me gusta comer chorizo con pan. "I like eating chorizo with bread."
3. cocido, which is "cocido"
It's like kind of a stew, made with normally garbanzo beans, some vegetables, so meat also. It’s one of the dishes you have the most during the winter.
Cuando era pequeña no me gustaba el cocido. "When I was a child, I didn't like cocido."
4. fabada asturiana "fabada asturiana"
This is like very hearty beans stew, and it normally has also like, bacon, chorizo, also like, black pudding. It's very hearty, like, you get so full eating that. And it's typical from Asturias, so the north of Spain.
En la fabada asturiana utilizan judías blancas. "They use white beans in fabada asturiana."
5. gazpacho, which is "gazpacho"
It's a tomato soup, very typical from the southern part of Spain. Apart from tomatoes, you can also have, like, cucumber, some garlic, olive oil, salt. Very healthy. Yes, it’s really refreshing so everyone has it during the summer.
Hace mucho calor y me apetece un vaso de gazpacho. "It is very hot, and I'd like a glass of gazpacho."
6. jamón ibérico "Iberian ham"
Jamón ibérico, which is Iberian ham, is a type of cured ham, very famous in Spain. In a lot of traditional Spanish restaurants they have them, like, hanging from the ceiling. I don't really like ham so going to these kind of places isn't really pleasant, everyone except for me loves it and it's kind of expensive, it's like a kind of luxury.
Pidieron un plato de jamón ibérico y queso. "They ordered a plate of Iberian ham and cheese."
7. patatas bravas, which are "patatas bravas"
They are like fried potatoes with an spicy sauce, it's orangy and they are very good.
Como tapa me pedí unas patatas bravas. "I ordered patatas bravas as a tapa."
8. pulpo a la gallega "Galician octopus"
Pulpo a la gallega, which is "Galician octopus.”
So, yeah, this is very traditional from Galicia. They cut the the octopus thinly, and they put some oil and paprika, also.
Si no preparas bien el pulpo a la gallega, puede estar muy duro. "If you don't prepare the Galician octopus well, it can be very hard."
9. tortilla de patatas "Spanish omelet"
So this is made from eggs basically, potatoes, onion. So you can take them out if you don't like. It's a very simple dish, but I love it. We take it, for example, if we are doing a picnic or something, we might take like sandwiches with Spanish omelette inside. I love it.
Prefiero la tortilla de patatas con cebolla. "I prefer the Spanish omelet with onion."
10. arroz con leche "rice with milk"
Arroz con leche, which can be translated as “rice with milk”. It's a kind of rice pudding, but a bit more soupy, maybe, like, it's not very compact. Basically, it's rice, milk, some cinnamon, sugar; and it's really good. Like, when I was a child, I always order that desert.
Mi abuela solía hacerme arroz con leche. "My grandmother used to prepare rice with milk for me."
So this is the end of today's 10 Spanish Dishes. I hope you learned something and I hope you get to try some of these dishes. Thank you for watching this video, and please don't forget to subscribe. Bye!


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