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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone, I am Rosa, and today we'll be doing 20 Happy Words in Spanish. So let's begin!
1. activo "active"
The first one is activo, which means “active.”
Mi hermana es muy activa y hace mucho ejercicio. "My sister is very active and she exercises a lot."
2. amable "kind"
The next word is amable, which means “kind.”
Ella es muy amable y siempre presta sus cosas. "She is very kind and she always lends her things."
3. amar "love"
Amo el desayuno. "I love breakfast."
4. animado "lively"
Esta fiesta aún no está muy animada. "This party is still not very lively."
5. cálido "warm"
The next word is cálido, which is "warm.”
Le dio un cálido beso en la mejilla. "He gave her a warm kiss on the cheek."
6. emocionado "excited"
The next word is emocionado, which means “excited.”
Estaba muy emocionado cuando sacaron ese nuevo videojuego. "He was very excited when they released the new video game."
7. energético "energetic"
The next word is energético, which means “energetic.”
Es una persona muy energética y nunca puede quedarse quieta. "She is a very energetic person and she can never stand still."
8. estupendo "great"
the next word is estupendo, which means "great.”
Hace un día estupendo, así que vayamos a la playa. "It's a great day, so let's go to the beach."
9. feliz "happy"
The next one is feliz, which means “happy.”
Ella está muy feliz, porque ha encontrado un trabajo. "She is very happy because she found a job."
10. gracioso "funny"
The next one is gracioso, which means “funny.”
Contó un chiste muy gracioso el otro día. "He told a very funny joke the other day. "
11. gustar "like"
The next one is gustar, which means “like.”
Me gusta mucho el chocolate. "I like chocolate a lot."
12. hermoso "beautiful"
Hermoso, which means “beautiful.”
Este cuadro es hermoso. "This painting is beautiful."
13. honesto "honest"
Él es muy honesto y siempre dice la verdad. "He is very honest and he always tells the truth."
14. optimista "hopeful"
The next one is optimista, which means “hopeful.”
Él es muy optimista y piensa que todo saldrá bien. "He is very hopeful and he thinks that everything will be OK."
15. orgulloso "proud"
The next one is orgulloso, which means “proud.”
Esa madre está muy orgullosa de su hijo. "That mother is very proud of her child."
16. reírse "laugh"
The next one is reírse, which means “laugh.”
Dicen que reírse alarga la vida. "They say that laughing makes your life longer."
17. relajado "relaxed"
The next one is relajado, which means “relaxed.”
Aunque tiene mucho que hacer, está siempre muy relajado. "Even though he has a lot of things to do, he is always very relaxed."
18. satisfecho "satisfied"
The next one is satisfecho, which means “satisfied.”
Él no está muy satisfecho con la vida que tiene. "He is not very satisfied with the life he has. "
19. colorido "colorful"
Colorido, which means "colorful.”
Me encanta llevar ropa colorida. "I love wearing colorful clothes."
20. positivo "positive"
Positivo, which means "positive.”
Él siempre piensa en positivo. "He always thinks positive."
So this is the end of today’s 20 Happy Word. I hope that lifted your mood a little bit, and I hope you use them. Thank you for watching the video, please don't forget to subscribe. Bye!


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