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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! I'm Rosa. Today we'll be doing 10 foods that will kill you faster. So let's start!
1. bebidas energéticas "energy drinks"
La biblioteca estaba llena de latas de bebidas energéticas."The library was full of energy drinks' cans."
So yeah, a lot of people drink energy drinks while they are studying for their finals. I don't know, I don't really like taking them because I become so nervous that I cannot focus on what I'm studying. So yeah, in the end, it's not really, it doesn't really help me.
2. caramelo "candy"
Si comes muchos caramelos, se te caerán los dientes."If you eat a lot of candy your teeth will fall."
I love, like, coffee, coffee candy. We call it caramelo, the ones that are like hard, most of the times they are wrapped in plastic, and have like two ruffles at the end.
3. carne procesada "processed meat"
Nunca sabes lo que hay dentro de la carne procesada. "You never know what's inside of processed meat."
In a supermarket, they, I mean the process me is supposed to be like the lowest quality meat, because they put some flavor inside something so people don't notice it not it's like worst quality than the other one.
4. comida congelada "frozen meal"
Mi madre prepara muchas comidas congeladas. "My mother prepares a lot of frozen meals."
My mother kind of freezes everything, she works, so she makes a huge pot of whatever, she puts it in the freezer and then we can eat with that, like, for weeks. So I’ll have, like, some of my mother's frozen meal.
5. fideos instantáneos "instant noodles"
En España se están haciendo famosos los fideos instantáneos. "In Spain instant noodles are getting more famous."
Some years ago you will only find ramen in these, like, Chinese stores, but now in every supermarket you can find ramen, and there are Spanish brands making that. Globalization.
6. palomitas para microondas "microwave popcorn"
Cuando voy al cine, llevo palomitas de microondas en el bolso. "When I go to the cinema, I carry microwave popcorn in my bag."
It’s cheaper.
7. patatas fritas "potato chips"
Me gustan las patatas fritas sabor jamón, pero no me gusta el jamón. "I like ham flavored potato chips, but I don't like ham."
Imagine I’m eating chips, and then someone was like boom.
8. refresco "soda"
Cuando voy a un bar, siempre pido un refresco. "When I go to a bar, I always order a soda."
9. alcohol "alcohol"
Él bebe alcohol por la mañana, por la tarde y por la noche. "He drinks alcohol in the morning, in the afternoon and at night."
I think it's ok, just don't overdo it.
10. sirope, which means "syrup"
Me encantan las tortitas con sirope de caramelo. "I love pancakes with caramel syrup."
It's not very good, it’s all sugars, but well, a little bit is not that bad, right?
So this is the end of today's 10 foods that will kill you faster, try not to eat too much of them, you can have a bit of course but just don't overdo it. Thank you for watching this video, please don't forget to subscribe. Bye!