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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! I'm Rosa, today we'll be doing 15 break-up lines. So let's start!
1. Creo que estamos avanzando muy rápido. "I think we are moving too fast."
We are moving too fast. Some people just take more time to fall in love so it doesn't have to be necessarily a bad thing, take it easy.
2. Creo que necesitamos terminar. "I think we need a break."
Don’t tell me that! Really?
3. Deberíamos empezar a ver a otras personas. "We should start seeing other people."
I hate that, like, it's it better just to break up?
4. Es lo mejor. "It's for the best."
It might be true, who knows?
Últimamente las cosas se han vuelto muy complicadas, así que... creo que es lo mejor.
5. Mereces algo mejor. "You deserve better."
Come on! When they say that, I don't really believe, that they really mean it.
6. Necesito concentrarme en mi carrera. "I need to focus on my career."
If someone tells you that, it means that the relationship is not that important for that person, I mean if you really want to, I think you can have both things, like, a relationship and your career.
7. Necesito mi espacio. "I need my space."
This might be like a more subtle way to say you want to break up, ok it might be good to use. I need my space.
8. No eres tú, soy yo. "It's not you, it's me."
But, yeah, it's a nice way to say that, like I don't know, if that's true. Sometimes people when they use this phrase it means that they are not ready to have a relationship. Relationships can be pretty complicated.
9. No estoy listo para este tipo de relación. "I'm just not ready for this kind of relationship."
Yeah, maybe one person is thinking of getting married, and the other one is just thinking of, I don't know, living their youth.
No estoy listo para este tipo de relación.
10. No soy lo suficientemente bueno para ti. "I'm not good enough for you."
Come on! It happens that sometimes you idolized so much one person, that it can feel too overwhelming, like you think that that person will fall in love with other people, like prettier than you, and smarter than you, so you are always very concerned. So you can get a bit paranoid and that's not a good thing, so there might be times when you think that you're not good enough for the other person, and you see that as a reason to break up. But it shouldn't be like that, you should love yourself more, give yourself a little bit more of love.
11. Nos hemos distanciado. "We've grown apart."
At first everything is perfect, but then time passes by and in the end you can, I don't know, you find that you don't have as much in common as you felt with the other person, and you can grow apart from that person.
12. Seamos solo amigos. "Let's just be friends."
I've said that a few times. Sometimes you like someone but you just want to be friends with them.
Me caes muy bien, pero creo que es mejor que seamos solo amigos. (“I really like you, but I think it's better to just be friends.”)
13. Simplemente no estamos hechos el uno para el otro. "We're just not right for each other."
First you might meet someone and you think he’s the right person for you, but as you know him or her better you might realize that it's not like that.
14. Tenemos que hablar. "We need to talk."
That's scary, the worst things comes to your mind when they say that. Yeah, maybe sometimes it's not what you're thinking about, sometimes.
Tenemos que hablar. ¿Quieres casarte conmigo? (“We need to talk. Will you marry me?”)
15. Ya no te quiero más. "I just don't love you anymore."
You'll find another person, don't worry. It was just not meant to be. Be strong, keep searching.
So this is the end of today's 15 break-up lines, and I hope you don't get to hear them a lot, maybe if I had to break up with someone I could use like, it's for the best, quizás sea lo mejor. I don't know, just be gentle and think about the other person, try not to hurt their feelings too much. Well, I hope you are all in good relationships. Thank you for watching, please don't forget to subscribe. Bye!