Newbie Season 4
Want to improve your Spanish? Learn how to make exclamations, talk about obligations and more with these lessons!


Newbie Season 4

In this 25-lesson season, Dylan and Carlos will expand upon grammar and vocabulary taught in previous Newbie series with a focus on Latin America. This series will cover polite conversations, making exclamations, talking about obligations, and more. You will hear Spanish spoken in a variety of situations, so you will hear both informal and formal Spanish.

  Title Topic Function Grammar Point Useful Vocabulary and Phrases Vocabulary List Cultural Insight
#1 Have You Met Your Spanish Match?! Romance/Dating Talking about actions in the past Preterit Verb Formation (regulars)     Latin Lovers
#2 The Fastest Way to Possessing the Latin Lover of Your Dreams! Romance/Dating Showing ownership Possessive Adjectives      Latino Stereotypes
#3 Do You Know Where to Find the Most Beautiful Latin American Woman?! Romance/Dating Asking questions Interrogative Pronominal Phrase "de que"     Latin American Pride 
#4 The Spanish Terms You Wish You'd Never Heard, But Cannot Live Without! Romance/Dating Expressing negativity Negative Words and Phrases     Latin American Pet Names
#5 Putting the Squeeze on Your Spanish! Romance/Dating Shortening phrases Contractions     Ladies' Men in Latin America
#6 What Can Your Spanish Tell You About Your Latin Lover? Romance/Dating Describing things using adjectives Adjectives     Latin American Women
#7 You Can Do It in Spanish! Romance/Dating Expressing being able to do something The verb poder ("to be able to")     The Male Bravado in Spanish Speaking Countries
#8 Where You Will Find the Beautiful People in Spain! Romance/Dating Describing temporary conditions, characteristics, and personality traits The verb estar ("to be") (singular conjugations)     Coffee in Latin America
#9 Use Your Spanish to Make the Next Move! Romance/Dating Describing temporary conditions, characteristics, and personality traits The verb estar ("to be") (plural conjugations)     The Importance of Politeness in Latin American Society
#10 If I'm Really Polite in Spanish, Will You Like Me More? Romance/Dating Learning commonly used set phrases Set Phrases - "Please...thank you"     Love at First Sight
#11 How to Let It All Hang out in Spanish! Calling for information Making exclamations in Spanish Exclamations in Spanish     Latin American Salsa
#12 Put Your Spanish Dancing Shoes on! Dance class Expressing movement The preposition "a"     A Popular Latin American Dance
#13 Here, There, and Everywhere in Spanish! Finding one's way Using the adverbs "here" and "there" The adverbs acá (here) and allá (there)     Getting Directions in Latin America
#14 Do You Have Two Left Feet When It Comes to Spanish Dancing? Dance class Making comparisons Comparative Expressions     New York Style Salsa
#15 You Must Learn to Do a Spanish Dance! Dance class Expressing obligation Expressing personal and impersonal obligation     L.A. Style Dance 
#16 These People Are Full of…Spanish! Soccer game Expressing that something/someone is full The adjective lleno, -a ("full")     What is the CONCACAF? 
#17 Are You Ready to Start Singing in Spanish? Soccer game Expressing simultaneous or continuous actions Forming the gerund (-ing)     Soccer
#18 Bring Me Another Spanish Drink! Drinking Telling someone to do something The imperative mood     Drinking in Latin America
#19 Should Your Friend Buy You Another Spanish Beer? Drinking Using Indirect Object Pronouns Indirect Object Pronouns - me, te, le, nos, os, les     Latin American Sports Venues
#20 Have You Had Your Fill of Spanish Drinks Yet? Drinking Talking about actions that happened in the past Preterit Tense of Irregular Spanish Verbs estar (to be), andar (to walk), tener (to have)     Tequila and rum
#21 Let's Find Some Spanish Thing to Do! Tourist Using indefinite articles before nouns Indefinite Articles (un, una, unos, unas)     Tourism in Latin American
#22 Where's the Spanish Party AT? Getting directions Expressing movement The preposition "a"     Riding the Bus in Latin America
#23 I'm Going to Put You in Your Place in Spanish! Riding the bus Talking about going places The verb ir ("to Go")     Learning from Your Spanish Mistakes
#24 Tell Me What to Do in Spanish! Riding the bus Talking about doing/making things The verb hacer ("to make" or "to do")     Bus Travel in Latin America
#25 I Was Going to Buy Dinner, but I Got Sidetracked by Spanish! Riding the bus Talking about future actions Periphrasis: Future Actions     Tourism