Beginner Season 2
Looking for the perfect beginner level Spanish lessons? Then these lessons are for you! Level up your Spanish with these lessons!


Beginner Season 2

In this 25-lesson season, Carlos and Natalia will expand upon grammar points learned in Beginner Season 2. This series will cover adverb formation, expressing displeasure and embarrassment, the subjunctive, and much more. Again, you'll hear Spanish spoken in a variety of situations. That means you will pick up both formal and informal Spanish.

  Title Topic Function Grammar Point Useful Vocabulary and Phrases Vocabulary List Cultural Insight
#1 Where ya' headed? Taxis Using The Preterit Perfect The Preterit Perfect A ver maestro (a), nunca, subir, la cuadra, precio, combustible Taxis
#2 What a shame! Haggling Comparing items Comparisons of equality ¡Que lástima! detalle, hecho a mano, fábrica, fino (a), descuento, lástima Bargaining
#3 But if I always buy from you!? Haggling Using pronouns to avoid redundancy How to replace indirect objects with indirect object pronouns Oiga kilogramo (kilo), tanto, casero(a), parecer, tomate, cobrar Locally owned shops
#4 But, Sir, I have all of my papers in order Visas Using pronouns to avoid redundancy How to replace direct objects with direct object pronouns Depende de... realizar, solicitar, afiliación, ciudadano (a), frontera, depender Visas in Costa Rica
#5 But I need to go to Panama. What do I do? Buying a ticket Expressing distance or time from one place or moment to another Two sets of prepositions when expressing distance or time from one place or moment to another: "de and a", and "desde and hasta" Buenas tardes hasta, el boleto, preocuparse, cruzar, nomás, facilísimo(a) About Panama
#6 Understand me: I want to promote your culture Visas Using the verbs "decir" (to say) and "sugerir" (to suggest) Conjugations in the Preterit Indicative Tense for the verbs "decir" (to say) and "sugerir" (to suggest) Aquí tiene realizar, suerte, promover, aduanas, investigación, tramitar Bureaucracy
#7 I think there was a misunderstanding Misunderstandings Expressing a past action that happens before another action in the past The Pluperfect Preterite Oye quedar, recoger, haber, entendido, bacán, confusión Making mistakes when learning a language
#8 Then, why didn't you call me? Misunderstandings Forming adverbs The formation of adverbs O sea entender, mensaje, concreto, malentendido, precisamente, dejarse entender Making mistakes when learning a language
#9 You'd better! I'm waiting for you... Misunderstandings Talking about actions in the past The Preterite Perfect Tense Claro que... verdad, valer, insistir, medianoche, importar, manera Misunderstandings when learning a language
#10 I e-like verry much the Junited Estates... Meeting people Using relative and interrogative pronouns Relative and interrogative pronouns ¡Claro!

alegrarse, mejor, preferir, quien, practicar, encantado The labels Hispanic and Latino
#11 I'll give you a special discount Taxis Talking about actions and events in the future Indicative Mood of the Future Tense ¡Suerte!

¡Que le vaya bien!
igual, servicio, movilidad, descuento, especial, plaza Taxi services
#12 The ride of your life! Taxis Using adverbial conjunctions Adverbial Conjunctions (before, unless, in case, etc.)   barrio, atajo, ruta, vista, antes de que, auto Taxi services
#13 It looks like you've been robbed Getting robbed Talking about conditional situations The Conditional Tense Por supuesto desear, hueco, ahora, bolsillo, trasero, mueble Pickpocketing
#14 You're going to get me pregnant! Making mistakes Talking about actions in the future Expressing future actions using ir a + infinitive ¡Qué verguenza! viejo(a), embarazar, avergonzar, querer decir, suceder, anglohablante Making mistakes when learning a language
#15 Steering your food after lunch Making mistakes Using words like "this" and "these" Demonstrative adjectives (this, these) No hay de qué infusión, menta, dirigir, digerir, darse cuenta, parecido (a) Making mistakes when learning a language
#16 Let's Breed! Making mistakes Using the subjunctive tense Irregular verbs in the Present Subjunctive   cruzar, tráfico, tener que, parecer, reproducir, como Making mistakes when learning a language
#17 I'm totally aroused to meet her Making mistakes Saying that you are about to do something, or that something is about to happen The periphrastic construction "estar por [verb]"   estar por, emocionado, excitado (a), expectativa, cochino (a), mente Making mistakes when learning a language
#18 If I were to win the lottery... Lottery Talking about past actions and hypothetical future actions The Imperfect Subjunctive used in relation to both past actions and hypothetical future actions ¡Ay, dios! sorteo, premio, millonario(a), deuda, dios(a), año Lottery in Costa Rica
#19 Good God in Heaven and all the angels!!! Lottery Talking about actions in the past The Preterite Tense Damas y Caballeros ganador (a), felicidad, santo(a), repetir, ángel, ganar Gambling in Costa Rica
#20 My money on my mind... Lottery Using prepositions in Spanish Common prepositions in Spanish Pues materialista, gente, ironía, sola(a), rico, triste Social classes in Latin America
#21 I saw the light! Lottery Using prepositions in Spanish Common prepositions in Spanish pt. II Entonces iglesia, darse cuenta, sentirse, entero(a), ocupar, luz Muggings and petty crime in Costa Rica
#22 Coffee doesn't get better! Coffee Using the subjunctive tense The subjunctive tense ¡Anda! cargado (a), levanta muertos, totalmente, taza, suerte, gratis Costa Rican coffee
#23 She likes her tamales hot! Food Using Indirect Object Pronouns Indirect Object Pronouns Cierto tamal, a tiempo, recordar, el chile, picante, cierto (a) Tamales
#24 It makes you feel like eating there... Eating out Talking about actions in the past Irregular verbs in the preterit tense   deber, hoy, sábado, abrir, limpio (a), almorzar Costa Rican cuisine
#25 Do Not Bother Me While I Am Trying to Relax in the Caribbean! Food Giving commands The Imperative Mood in Spanish ¿Cómo? poco a poco, cada, probar, hasta, tipo(a), tener Latin American Fruits and Vegetables