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Introduction #01 - Could Something This Good Actually Be Free?

Learn Spanish with! In this inaugural Introduction Lesson, Carlos and Natalia let us in on the best deal around: the Free Audio offered in every lesson published at How can I download it? Where is it available? For how long will I have access to it? Get these questions and many more answered by listening to this lesson. Here at SpanishPod101, we know that every student has different needs, and we design our course such that every student can use our language learning tools in order to develop a method that works for him or her. The Free Audio is a big component of creating such a method, but, as we'll find out in the upcoming Introduction Lessons, it's not the only one!

Introduction #02 - Los Básicos of the Basics

Learn Spanish with! So yesterday, we learned about the benefits of the Free Audio. Today, however, Carlos and Natalia are going to tell us about what we get with a Basic Subscription. What's the deal with the PDF anyway? What comes in it? How can it get me closer to my goal of speaking Spanish? Learn about the value of the PDF Lesson Guide and other great language learning tools which we offer here at, the fastest, easiest and most fun way to Spanish.
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Introduction #03 - Feel the Glow of the In-Crowd with the Premium Membership

Learn Spanish with! Alright, so now, we know that the deal is with the Free Audio, where to get it, how to listen to it. We also learned how the PDF Lesson Guide literally walks us through each lesson, with its transcripts and translations, the vocab list with sample sentences, the grammar point and the cultural insight. Phew, that's a lot, and you get all that just with the Basic Subscription! So then, what else could one expect out of the Premium Subscription?!?! Today, Carlos and Natalia take us on a tour through the Premium Membership, explaining the real benefits and how this is really the best way to go for anyone who's serious about learning Spanish.

Introduction #04 - Getting Your Feet Wet

Learn Spanish with! Now that we've learned about the features of the Free, Basic and Premium Subscriptions, it's time to see what a sample lesson looks like. Today, Alan and Lisy are going to walk us through a Newbie Lesson. One of the first things that you're going to have to do in Spanish is learn how to greet someone. It's the obvious in. If you can learn how to meet someone, you'll start speaking in no time. In this lesson, we're going to listen to a conversation between César and Amanda, who meet for the first time. Don't forget to check out the Lesson Guide and all the language tools in the Learning Center to make the most out of this lesson.

Introduction #05 - Building Structures that Last

Learn Spanish with! Last time, we got a taste of the Newbie Series, the kinds of lessons which are designed for absolute newcomers. Today, Alan and Lisy are going to step it up a notch and show us what we can expect out of the Beginner Series. What's the difference between the Newbie and Beginner Series? What's the goal of it? How much Spanish do I need to learn in order to be able to hold my own here? Get these questions answered by listening to this 5th installment of the Introduction Series.