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Newest Lessons

Advanced Audio Blog S3 #19 - Callejón de Huaylaz y Huaraz: Alley of Huaylas and Huaraz

Throwback Thursday
Learn Spanish with SpanishPod101.com! You've gotten your adrenaline pumping on a few of your other adventures through the Spanish-speaking country of Peru, but your friend tells you that you haven't seen anything until you've been to the place he's taking you today. You tell your friend in Spanish that you need to make an additional stop before you arrive at your destination: you need more energy bars! In this lesson, you will learn about two of the most picturesque places to visit in Spanish-speaking Peru: the Alley of Huaylas and the city of Huaraz. You'll also find out the best way to travel to this Spanish-speaking destination and how long you'll need to spend there. Visit us at SpanishPod101.com, where you will find Spanish lesson notes (remember—this Advanced Audio Blog lesson is spoken entirely in Spanish!) and many more fantastic lessons and learning resources! Leave us a message while you are there!  

Inner Circle #40 - April 2017: Focusing On What You’re Good At

Inner Circle
Last time, you learned how to train all 4 aspects of language and all about the new Premium PLUS assignments. My last monthly goal was to finish a Chinese proficiency practice exam. I got it done, but I failed every part except the listening section. So, what’s the value in failing a test?   In this Inner Circle Lesson, you'll learn:   1. The Importance of an Imperfect Start for Future Success. 2. Why You Should Focus on What You’re Good at 3. How I’m Focusing on Listening And How You Can Apply These Tactics As Well    

Spanish Vocab Builder #94 - Entertainment

Spanish Vocab Builder
Learn Spanish with SpanishPod101.com! Our Spanish vocabulary lists are listener favorites, and now we've made it even better! In each lesson, you'll hear the Spanish words and phrases from the Spanish vocabulary lists. Join us for Spanish Vocab Builder! Click here to make your own flashcards using the vocab and phrases introduced in this lesson! Visit us at SpanishPod101.com, where you will find Spanish lesson notes and many more fantastic lessons and learning resources. Leave us a message while you are here!

Video News #1 - Free Spanish Gifts of the Month - April 2017

Video News
Every month, you get free lessons, study tools and learning tips so you can learn the fast, fun and easy way. Here are your Spanish learning gifts for the month of April, 2017. New updates. New, free lessons. And of course, the best deal of the month! This month, you're getting:- Brand New Lesson Interface- Dining Like a Champ PDF Cheat Sheet- 15 Unique Ways to Say Hello- Deal of the Month: 28% OFF Basic, Premium & Premium PLUSGo to Free Gifts of the Month to access your bonus gifts of the month.

News #230 - The Newest Way to Learn Spanish in 2017 - Your Lessons on Any Device & Screen

Your Learning, Streamlined – The New Lesson InterfaceIn our 11th year, we’re returning to our roots as a way to learn Spanish on-the-go. How? With a brand-new lesson interface just for you.Ready, Set, Speak Sale! Click here to get 28% OFF ANY subscription!In this Sunday News, you’ll find out:- All About the New Lesson Interface- 4 Ways to Learn with this Brand New Upgrade- How to Unlock ALL of the Lessons & Take Full Advantage