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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! My name is Rosa. Today we'll be doing 20 words you'll need for the beach, so let's go!
1. gafas de sol "sunglasses"
En casa tengo como mínimo quince gafas de sol. "I have at least fifteen pairs of sunglasses at home."
2. playa "beach"
Me gusta ir a la playa cuando no hay gente porque es más relajante. "I like going to the beach when there are no people because it's more relaxing."
3. natación "swimming"
Siempre que voy a la playa, intento nadar hasta una boya. "Whenever I go to the beach, I try to swim to a buoy."
4. sol "sun"
Los rayos del sol son más fuertes entre las diez y las dos. "The sun's rays are strongest between ten and two o'clock."
5. palmera "palm tree"
Las palmeras que he visto en España no tienen cocos. "The palm trees I've seen in Spain don't have coconuts."
6. concha "seashell"
De pequeña, siempre recogía conchas en la playa. "When I was a child, I always collected shells on the beach."
7. bañador "swimsuit"
Este año, se llevan los bañadores rojos y naranjas. "This year, red and orange swimsuits are fashionable."
Didn’t know that.
8. océano "ocean"
El océano lo habitan criaturas que el hombre desconoce. "The ocean is inhabited by creatures that mankind doesn't know."
9. socorrista "lifeguard"
Cuando voy a la playa, siempre intento ponerme cerca del socorrista. "When I go to the beach, I always try to go near the lifeguard."
10. moto acuática "jet ski"
Nunca he ido en moto acuática, ya que me parece peligroso. "I've never been on a jet ski because it seems dangerous."
11. toalla de playa "beach towel"
Aún usa la toalla de playa que usaba cuando tenía doce años. "He still uses the beach towel he used when he was twelve."
12. tumbona "beach chair"
Siempre se me olvida traer la tumbona. "I always forget to bring the beach chair."
13. castillo de arena "sand castle"
Los niños construyen castillos de arena con cubos de playa. "Children build sand castles with beach buckets."
14. nevera portátil "cooler"
Mis amigos llevarán una nevera portátil llena de cervezas. "My friends will take a cooler full of beers."
15. marea "tide"
No pongas la toalla tan cerca de la orilla, que cuando suba la marea se mojará. "Do not put the towel so close to the shore, as when the tide rises it will get wet."
16. tomar el sol "sunbathe"
Me encanta tomar el sol, pero siempre acabo roja como un tomate. "I love sunbathing, but I always end up red as a tomato."
17. chancla "flip-flop"
Cada año, me compro unas chanclas nuevas. "Every year, I buy new flip-flops."
18. crema solar "sunscreen"
Es importante usar crema solar para no quemarse. "It is important to use sunscreen to avoid burning."
19. bikini "bikini"
El bikini de Marta es muy atrevido. "Marta's bikini is very cheeky."
Oh, Marta!
20. arena "sand"
Siempre acabo rebozada con la arena de la playa. "I always end up breaded with sand from the beach."
And this is the end of today’s video! Today we did 20 words you'll need for the beach. I hope you liked it, tell us in Spanish what do you like doing at the beach in the comments below. Hope to see you soon, bye!
The props come out, gafas de sol.
gafas de sol "sunglasses"


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Cuando voy a la playa las gaviotas me roban la comida.