Spanish for Homeschoolers

At SpanishPod101, you get the world’s largest library of audio and video lessons made by real teachers. Your lessons focus on real life communication and you can learn anywhere, anytime and on any device. With over 1 billion lesson downloads and 12 years of publishing, you’re learning with a proven, time-tested system.


Middle School & High School Programs

You get everything you need to learn a language. The Programs consist of lessons and tools that guide students from “knowing zero” to speaking a new language. Course content includes: Audio/Video Lessons, Lesson Notes, Assignments and Study Tools.

Middle School Program - 2 Years

  • Middle School 1-4
  • 4 Semesters of Lessons
  • 1 Semester is 20 Weeks (2 hours per week)

High School Program - 3 Years

  • High School 1-6
  • 6 Semesters of Lessons
  • 1 Semester is 20 Weeks (4 hours per week)

Lesson Contents

  • Spanish conversation lessons (audio/video)
  • Reading Book materials
  • Core word lists
  • Culture lessons
  • Interactive Assignments

Course Types

  1. With Teacher Support (US$225/semester)
  2. Without Teacher Support (US$150/semester)

Huge Library of Audio and Video Lessons

On top of the school programs you get full access to our Spanish Lesson Library: Over 270 hours of Audio and Video lessons inside. (1,620+ total). Available for all levels, from Absolute Beginner to Advanced.

Supplement your study and learn tons of Spanish with easy, 3-15 minute long lessons.
Lessons cover: Reading, Writing, Grammar, Listening, Culture, Vocab & more

Learn Faster with Over a Dozen Time-Saving Study Tools

Access in-depth lesson notes, memory boosting flashcards, pronunciation perfection tools, word lists and other resources that will cut your study time in half.

study tools

Learn with Your Own Teacher (Homeschool PLUS Feature)

Study with your own teacher

Get direct access to your own teacher. They’ll answer any question, give assignments, feedback and design a personalized learning program based on your needs. Over 2,750 students enrolled.

  • Practice your writing by exchanging messages with your teacher
  • Get ongoing feedback & assessments from your teacher
  • Get weekly assignments tailored to your goals
  • Practice speaking skills by recording and sending audio or video clips
  • Receive guidance on how to best use our Learning Program, and more!

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