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News #231 - For Spanish Learners: 10 Surefire Methods Keep You Motivated To Learn Spanish

How do you motivate yourself when you learn Spanish?Want to know how successful learners stay on track? Well, we asked some of our top Premium learners. Here are the Top 10 Ways to Motivate Yourself While Learning Spanish, based on their answers. Click here to get a Pretty Big 31% OFF Premium & Premium PLUS!Tune in right now. In this Sunday News, you’re going to learn: - 10 ways to stay motivated while learning Spanish- How you can apply these tactics & methods right now.- And how to unlock our complete Spanish learning systemHow do you stay motivated?

News #230 - The Newest Way to Learn Spanish in 2017 - Your Lessons on Any Device & Screen

Your Learning, Streamlined – The New Lesson InterfaceIn our 11th year, we’re returning to our roots as a way to learn Spanish on-the-go. How? With a brand-new lesson interface just for you.Ready, Set, Speak Sale! Click here to get 28% OFF ANY subscription!In this Sunday News, you’ll find out:- All About the New Lesson Interface- 4 Ways to Learn with this Brand New Upgrade- How to Unlock ALL of the Lessons & Take Full Advantage
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News #229 - Why Speaking Spanish is the #1 Weakness & 5 Ways Improve

Reading, speaking, listening or writing in Spanish: which of these is your weakest skill? For most Spanish learners – regardless of their learning method – speaking is almost always the number one weakness. Why is that? Ready, Set, Speak Sale! Click here to get 28% OFF ANY subscription!In this Sunday News, you’ll find out:- Why speaking Spanish is the #1 weakness- How can you improve your speaking skills- 5 actionable tips & tools that you can use right now

News #228 - 5 Ways to Get Every Spanish Lesson for Free + Your ALL Access Pass Inside.

Imagine having an all-access pass to brand new Spanish lessons...for free. You’d never need to buy another textbook again! The lessons come directly to you. You learn Spanish with the help of real teachers. And you’re closer to your goal of learning Spanish.Get Your All-Access Pass! Click here to get 25% OFF ALL Plans!How can you do this? In this Sunday News, you’ll learn:- The top 5 ways to get new Spanish Lessons for free- And how to get your SpanishPod101 All-Access Pass

News #227 - The 1 Hack For Speaking Real-Life Spanish: Line-by-Line Scripts For Any Conversation

Have you noticed how most conversations use the same phrases and questions? For example, if you’re introducing yourself, you’ll use: “Hello.” and “How are you?” and “What’s your name?” Did you know you can take advantage of this predictability to speak better Spanish?Extended! Get a BIGGER 31% OFF All Premium & Premium PLUS Plans! In this Sunday News, find out how you can handle almost any conversation with SpanishPod101 lessons! This is one Spanish learning hack most people ignore. Since most conversations use the same lines, you can easily prepare with the most common questions, answers and phrases.