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News #209 - How to Learn Spanish Faster & Reach Goals with This 1 Study Tool
What’s your Spanish learning goal? Do you know how you’ll reach it? Well... what if we took you by the hand and guided you, lesson by lesson, until you reached it?Summer Sale! Click here to get 30% OFF Basic & PremiumIn this Sunday News, we’re talking goals and the one Spanish study tool that you need to succeed. Today, you’ll learn... - How to set successful Spanish learning goals - How to reach your goals with Learning Paths - And how to get a BIG 30% off all SpanishPod101 subscriptions
News #206 - What’s Your #1 Reason for Learning Spanish? Top 10 Reasons from Our Members Inside
What's your number one reason for learning Spanish? Everyone has their own. Regardless of what it is...your reason can serve as a powerful motivator to keep going, keep learning Spanish and master it. So, what’s yours?Click Here to Get 20% OFF All Premium Subscriptions!In this Sunday News, you’ll learn the Top 10 Reasons for Learning Spanish. We’ve taken surveys. We’ve asked listeners on Facebook. Tune in to this Sunday News to learn what the most popular answers and why YOUR reason is crucial for motivation and overall success in learning Spanish.BONUS! Learn how to say your reason in Spanish with the Free Lesson – “What's Your Number One Reason for Learning a Language?” Be sure to visit the link below.
News #205 - New Study Tool: Your Road Map to Mastering Spanish from Beginner to Advanced
Want a guaranteed, step-by-step way to learn Spanish – without getting lost or wondering what to learn next? Get ready – your brand new feature gives you just that. It’s your roadmap to mastering Spanish from Beginner to Advanced, designed by our Spanish teachers. We take you by the hand and guide you, lesson by lesson, until you reach your goals.Extended! Click Here to Get 31% OFF All Premium Subscription!In this Sunday News, you’ll learn about your brand new Learning Paths. How can you access it? How will it help you reach your Spanish goals? Tune in to find out about this new study tool and how to go from zero to fluency. You’ll also find out how to get a Pretty Big 31% discount before our annual sale ends on May 30th, 2016!
News #204 - For Spanish Learners: 10 Surefire Methods To Keep You Motivated To Learn Spanish
In the last Sunday News, you learned all about the Daily Dose App. It’s a guaranteed way to learn language every day and stay motivated. This got us thinking. What are some other ways that you can stay motivated to keep mastering Spanish?Click here to get a Pretty Big 31% OFF Premium!In this Sunday News, you’re going to learn 10 ways to stay motivated. Some of these are learning tools. Some are proven methods. Others are popular ways that our SpanishPod101 listeners use on a regular basis. You’ll also find out how you can master Spanish with a Pretty Big Deal – a 31% discount on all Premium plans!
News #203 - How 1,000s are Easily Learning Language Daily with This App + New Languages Added!
Don’t have enough time in a day to learn a language? Think again. This powerful little App is about to prove you wrong. And on top of that, you’ll stay on track, get daily reminders and free daily lessons – all delivered directly to you. Sound good?There’s more. We’ve added brand new languages to the Daily Dose App.Click here to get 20% OFF Premium and Premium PLUS!In this Sunday News, you’ll learn all about the Daily Dose App for the iPhone, iPad and Android. What’s new? You’re getting even more languages – 16 in total – as well as some that aren’t covered on our 101 sites. Plus, find out how you can gain FULL ACCESS to this App. Hint: Some of you already do. Tune in to learn more!