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News #216 - New! How to Immerse Yourself in Spanish All Day with Autoplay
Know how you let your music autoplay? What if you could do that with your Spanish lessons? Play one track, and SpanishPod101 will do the rest – play your lessons, from #1 to #2 to #3 and beyond.How can you do this? You’re about to find out.Click Here to Get 20% OFF Premium.Welcome back to the SpanishPod101 Sunday News. Today, you’ll learn... - How You Can Immerse Yourself in Spanish with Autoplay- Where You Can access this Feature & Start Using It (for the iPhone and iPad only)- 3 Reasons Why Autoplay WIll Help You Learn Faster Click here to download the Innovative Language 101 App for the Android, iPhone & iPad!
News #214 - The Secret to Learning Spanish Faster with Every SpanishPod101 Lesson
Looking for the latest and greatest methods to help you learn faster? Here’s one that’s been sitting under your nose! You can do it with every single SpanishPod101 lesson. And it’s been helping Spanish learners – whether they’re learning with us or not – speak faster, read faster and understand more Spanish.Click here to get 20% OFF any Premium Subscription!Welcome back! In this Sunday News, you’ll learn...- Why Listening & Reading Along Helps You Learn Spanish Faster- 3 Ways You Can Listen (or Watch) & Read Along with Any Lesson- How to Access These Study Tools
News #213 - Steal These for Yourself! The Top 5 Spanish Learning Strategies
“How can I learn Spanish and start speaking faster?” It’s the one question beginners love asking. So here’s the deal – we’ve asked our experienced Spanish learners for their top strategies- the kind you can steal for yourself right now!And if you apply these top 5 strategies – consistently – you'll definitely improve your Spanish.Extended! Get Up to 30% OFF Basic, Premium or Premium PLUS!Welcome back to SpanishPod101’s Sunday News. Today, you’ll learn...- The Top 5 Spanish Learning Strategies- How To Apply Them On The Site- How You Can Get Up to 30% OFF with Our Final Olympics Discount!
News #211 - The 9 Free Ways to Learn Spanish for Life. Steal These for Yourself!
Listen up. Today, we’re going to reveal all the secrets of how to learn Spanish at SpanishPod101 – for free. That’s right; the top 9 Free Lifetime Account features that each and every one of you get the second you join.Quick Discount Ends August 10th! Click Here to Get 20% OFF Premium.Don’t miss this Sunday News Lesson. In fact, save it for yourself for future reference. Not every SpanishPod101 member knows about these. Today, you’ll learn... - How to Get Non-Stop New Lessons, (Never Need Another Textbook Again) & Get Even Better at Spanish - How to Access Bonus Apps & Learn Anywhere, Anytime with Daily Lessons - About Study Tools That Will Teach You 100s of Spanish Words & Phrases - ...And Much More.
News #210 - The 5 Review Tactics & Learning Tools That Will Sharpen Your Spanish
Serious Question: Have you ever returned to Spanish lessons you’ve completed? Taking a lesson once is enough to learn Spanish. But to master what you’ve learned... to understand Spanish the second you hear it... to read with just a quick glance... and to speak smoothly, without thinking... you need to review. Quick Discount Ends August 3rd! Click Here to Get 20% OFF Premium.Welcome back to another SpanishPod101 Sunday News Lesson. Today, we’re talking about reviewing. You’ll learn: - Why You Should Review Lessons if You Want to Learn Spanish Fast - The Top 5 Review Tactics & Learning Tools You Can Access Right Now - ...And More Importantly: New Ways to Learn Spanish at SpanishPod101.