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Newbie Lesson #7 - I’m Argentine. I’m American.
Learn Spanish with! Spanish is a language spoken by over 350 Million people in the world. The people and their accents are very diverse and you might find yourself in the situation where you must as "¿de qué país eres?". Don’t know what that means? Well, Alan and Lisy are here to let you know! Find out just how to inquire where someone is from and learn the different names for the many nationalities of the Spanish-speaking world. We put our money where our mouth is so in addition to this lesson, check out Peruvian 7, Costa Rican 7, and Iberian 7, to hear just how varied Spanish is!
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Newbie Lesson #9 - I’m hungry!
Learn Spanish with! Okay, now we quenched your thirst for more Spanish with Newbie lesson 8. But now you are hungry for more Spanish too? Insatiable! Luckily, who are we to say no? Alan and Lisy aim to please. Check out the verb “tener” (to have) once again. This time, in the genitive sense of possession. In this lesson you will learn examples of its relation to ‘set phrases’ and ‘idiomatic expressions’. In addition, we have Peruvian 9, Costa Rican 9, and Iberian 9 to really make things interesting. Make sure to check them out!
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Newbie Lesson #21 - Come here! I’ll be right there!
Learn Spanish with! In today's lesson, Lisy and Alan open the door even further to show us how "mandatos" or "commands" are used in the Spanish language. What's interesting about commands in Spanish is that they can be either singular or plural, and either formal or informal. This means that there are four ways to say "come here! You'd be surprised how useful it is to know how to use commands, since they so expressly convey a desire of the speaker. Be sure to check out Iberian Lesson 21, Peruvian Lesson 21 and Costa Rican Lesson 21 from the Regional Series, in order to get a broader understanding of the content covered here.
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Introduction #07 - A Living and Breathing Language
Learn Spanish with! Today we have the 7th edition of this Introduction Series. We've learned about the Free, Basic and Premium subscriptions in the first three episodes. And then, we learned what we can expect out of the Newbie, Beginner and Lower Intermediate Series. Today, Alan and Lisy are going to give us a tour through the Regional Spanish Series. Is the Spanish spoken in one region really that different from the Spanish spoken in another region? Let's just say... you'd be surprised! Here, we're going to compare a "standard" form of Spanish to that which is spoken in Peru, Spain and Costa Rica. Hey, the next best thing is moving to Miami! At, we bring the Spanish-speaking world to you!
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Regional Spanish Series - Iberian #18 - You can get really soaked in this!
Learn Spanish with! What exactly is spitting rain? There is actually a verb for explaining this phenomenom. Join David and Megan for this lesson about the rainy season in Madrid. Here, we'll go over some new vocabulary and the conjugation for a few verbs related to precipitation. Spod101 brings the Spanish-speaking world to you! Don't forget to reference this lesson with Newbie 18, Peruvian 18, and the Costa Rican 18 series.
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