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Is the site free?
What do I get for free?
How do I get an account?
How do I change my password?
Will my account be charged?
How are subscriptions billed: Monthly or In Full?

Is the site free? Top

Yes! The site itself is free. However, there are several options available to upgrade and receive premium content.

What do I get for free? Top

You get quite a lot! Most importantly, your Free Lifetime Account gives you access to all the newest Spanish Audio and Video lessons for life. But there's a lot more at SpanishPod101! Here's what you get for free:

  • A 7-Day Premium trial to experience the entire SpanishPod101 learning system.
  • The first 3 lessons of every single series. Get a taste of what our series have to offer.
  • The most recent lessons from the past 3 weeks. Every new lesson released is yours free.
  • The Spanish Word of the Day delivered directly to your inbox.
  • The Innovative Language 101 App for the Android, iPhone, and iPad for on-the-go learning.
  • The 100 Most Common Words List to get a head start on learning vocabulary.
  • Vocabulary and phrase lists for topics, themes, and holidays. Constantly updated!
  • Throwback Thursday lessons. Learn with a random lesson for free every Thursday.
  • Bonus resources and mobile apps in the Spanish resources section.

Click here to watch the video guide on the free features!

How do I get an account? Top

You can sign up for a free account at! You will have a free, lifetime account and a 7 Day Free Trial of Premium access. We'll send a confirmation email containing your username and password to the address you signed up with.

How do I change my password? Top

Once signed in, click on the Account button in the top right corner. You can also click on My Account in the Quicklinks menu on your Dashboard. There, you will be able to update your password.

Will my account be charged? Top

All subscriptions are set to renew automatically with the exception of the 7 Day Free Trial. If you signed up for the Ultimate Getting Started Package, per our terms of use the Monthly Premium Subscription included will renew at the rate of $25 per month. If you are only signed up for the 7 Day Free Trial you will not be billed. We do not bill through iTunes if you have purchased an app. Basically, if you have never entered your credit card or PayPal information you will not be billed.

How are subscriptions billed: Monthly or In Full? Top

All subscriptions are paid in full; the only monthly subscriptions are the 1 Month options: $25 for Premium, $8 for Basic and $47 for Premium Plus where available.